One recording of
The Teetotallers
Mitton’s Breakdown

The Teetotallers (reel) is also known as The Road To Newbridge, The Teatotaler’s Fancy, The Teatotaler’s, The Teatotaler, The Teatotalers, Teatotaller, The Teatotaller’s Fancy, Teatotlers, Teetotaler’s, The Teetotaler, Teetotalers, Teetotaller’s, Teetotaller’s Fancy, The Teetotaller, Teetotler, The Temperance, The Temprance.

Mitton’s Breakdown (reel) is also known as Earl Mitten’s Breakdown, Earl Mitton’s Breakdown, Mitten’s Breakdown, Mittons Breakdown.

Heat Of The Moment by Pierre Schryer And Ian Clark

  1. The Rose In The Heather (wrong Name? Look For The Rambler)
  2. Carman’s Amber (aka Brendan Tonra’s)
  3. Bonnie Kate
  4. The Teetotaller
  5. Last House Of Connaught
  6. Lady Ann Montgomery
  7. Mitton’s Breakdown