One recording of
The Teetotallers
Swinging On The Gate

The Teetotallers (reel) is also known as The Bowl Of Coffee, O! My Foot, Prohibition, The Road To Newbridge, The Teatotaler’s Fancy, The Teatotaler’s, The Teatotaler, The Teatotalers, Teatotaller, The Teatotaller’s Fancy, Teatotlers, The Teeth Of Tailors, Teetotaler’s, The Teetotaler, Teetotalers, Teetotaller’s, Teetotaller’s Fancy, The Teetotaller, Teetotler, The Temperance, The Temprance.

Swinging On The Gate (reel) is also known as Charlie Harris’s, Swinging On A Gate.

Farewell To The Hollow by Bob Mcquillen

  1. Teetotaler’s
  2. Green Fields Of America
  3. Swinging On The Gate