Drumbshambles reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Drumbshambles
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
dBBd ABde | faaf efdc | dB (3BBB ABdB | AFDF EFD2 |
dBBd ABde | faaf efdc | GBBF ABdB | AFDF E3 D :|
DBBF ABdB | AF (3FFF EFDF | DBBF ABde | faaf efdc |

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Yes, a play on the name Drumbshanbo, in Co. Leitrim. Came home after the Joe Mooney Summer School there in July full of music, and a bit hungover, but I was well able to pour out this little number in a few mins. Just a tashty tune for a tashty week…

Cían (Ó) F.


Did I see you there Cían? It was a great week, all right. You’d have found me at Doherty’s most of the week.

God only knows!

God knows, you probably might have spotted me around alright…was playing a bit in monicas, henrys, and the mill race….I found though that the tunes this year weren’t as good as other years. Possibly if Ireland did hold an anual beerfest, it might take the beer-ers away from the trad-fests!

Ah, never got into Henry’s. Or The Mill Race, funnily enough. Don;t know why - I usually do. I was in all the others. Plus a fantastic one out at Ballynaglera.

fair play for posting this cian! nice little tune. put up the nightmare one next ;]

and Drumshanbo was clearly lacking this year due to the lack of my presence! :L


Id say Tomáu5 and you would have made it epic going by the comments yeer leavin each other on fb…


cian…..keep tomáu5 out of it…..:P

Not the place for it so….

Yes leave him out of this site…but i think that’ll be the name of my next one possibly, 11/8 for Tomáu5…..yurt

God knows there’ll be some tunes composed in memoir of cavan this year!