One recording of
Trim The Velvet
The Four Provinces Fling

Trim The Velvet (reel) is also known as Maisigh An Veilbhit.

The Four Provinces Fling (strathspey) is also known as Forget Me Not, The Four Provinces Fling No.3, James Duffy’s, Jamie Duffy’s Highland Fling, Lady Mary Ramsay, Lady Mary Ramsey, Mary Ramsay’s, Miss Ramsay, Miss Ramsay’s, Miss Ramsey, Miss Ramsey’s, Miss Ramsey’s Highland, Miss Ramsey’s Highland Fling, The Queen’s Shilling.

The Glory Reel by Will Woodson, Caitlin Finley, & Chris Stevens

  1. Lady Ramsay
  2. Doherty’s Trim The Velvet