Arniston House jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Arniston House
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amin
A, A2 A2 E|G2 E DB,G,|A, A2 A2 E|ABc cBA|
A, A2 A2 E|G2 E DB,G,|C3 DCD|ECA, A,3:|
e2 A A3/2B/c|BAG dBG|ede AB/c/d/ z/|efd ecA|
ede ABc|BAG dcB|c3/2d/e dcB|ecA A2 f|
e2 A A3/2B/c|BAG dBG|ede AB/c/d/ z/|efd ecA|
eae cec|dgd Bcd|C3/2D/E B,3/2C/D|ECA, A,2 z|

Three comments

This tune is about Arniston House near Temple, Scotland, designed by William Adam and upon his death completed by his son John.

It should not be played quickly; the term ‘jig’ is misleading.

Key of Arniston House

I think the original key for this may be C minor/dorian. Do people play it in A minor?

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From Gow’s Repository

I found the “original” in C minor in Jack Campin’s very large collection of Scottish tunes at

T:Arniston House
K:C Minor
z|Ccc Tc2 G |B2{=AGA}G FDB,| Ccc c2{AGA}G|(cd).e(ed).c|
Ccc Tc2=A |B2 G FDB,|TE3 {G}FEF| GEC C2:|
a|g2c Tc>de |{e}dcB fdB |(gf).g c>de/f/ |(ga).f gec|
{a}gfg cde|{e}dcB fed |e>fg {g}fed|gec c2a|
g2c cde|{e}dcB fdB|(gf).g c>de/f/|(ga).f gec|
(gc’).g (eg).e|(fb).f def|TE>FG TD>EF|GEC C2|]