Isle De Madeleine waltz

Also known as Blue Jeans And Gingham, Iles De La Madeleine, Valse Blues Jeans, Valse Des Iles De La Madeleine.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Isle De Madeleine
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
z E Ac fe|c3 B/c/ BA|G3 F/G/ FE|F2 C4|
z E Ac fe|c3 B/c/ BA|G3 F/G/ F2|D6|
z F Bc df|b4 ab|a3 f ga|g3/4a/g3/4 f4|
z _B =Bc de|g3 f/g/ fg|a3 f ga|c6|
z E Ac fe|c3 B/c/ BA|G3 F/G/ FE|F2 C4|
z E Ac fe|a4 AB|c2 B3 A|B4 z c|
BF Bc df|b4 cB|c4 cB|c2 B/c/B A2|
e3 c ea|f3 d f3/4g/a3/4|g3 e gb|a6|
z4 a2|f4 A2|d4 a2|f3 a fA|
d4 d3/4c/B3/4|A2 d3 f|b2 a3 d|c3 d cB|
A4 b2|=g4 A2|c4 b2|=g3 b gA|
c4 d3/4c/B3/4|A2 c3 e|a2 g2 =g2|f2 d2 B2|
A4 a2|f4 A2|d4 a2|f3 a fA|
d3 A FE|D3 C DE|F2 =G3 A|B4 z c|
B4 d2|B4 =G2|E3 d cd|A4 F2|
D3 A GA|B3 =G FG|c3 A GA|d6||

Five comments

According to Alan N “Îles de la Madeleine (according to an e-mail from Nicholas Hawes on 31 Aug. 2012, this tune was composed by the American fiddler Spade Cooley under the title Blue Jeans and Gingham, released in 1959) [This tune is not (yet?) part of the Irish tradition, but belongs rather to French-Canadian music.]”
the dreaded Wikipedia “Donnell Clyde Cooley (December 17, 1910 – November 23, 1969), better known as Spade Cooley, was an American Western swing musician, big band leader, actor, and television personality. His career ended in 1961 when he was arrested and convicted for the murder of his second wife, Ella Mae Evans.”

Feel like I’m turning into ceolachan here-not a bad thing at all

another name

Yvon Cuillerier recorded this (on “Un grand champion au violon”) as “Valse Blues Jeans.” I like to imagine Yvon thought it was Jean’s blues waltz ;P

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