Soho South slip jig

By Colin Farrell

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One setting

X: 1
T: Soho South
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|:Dz d2 dBA|AB AB AFE|Dz d2 dBA|AB FA EEE|
Dz d2 dBA|BB AB AFE|FF AB AFE|1 FF Dz DFA:|2 FF Dz AB/c/d||
|:fz AB def|g2- ga gfe|ff AB def|ez AA AB/c/d|
fz AB def|gz gg gfe|fz ab afe|1 ef- fd- dB/c/d:|2 ef- fd- dA/F/E||
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Neat 7/8 tune penned by Colin Farrell. Transcription based on his *On the Move* album, where he plays this on an F whistle.

In other words, for all non-F instruments:
K: Dmin
|: z2 f2 fdc | cd cd cAG | Fz f2 fdc | cd Ac GGG |
Fz f2 fdc | dd cd cAG | AA cd cAG |1 AA Fz FAc :|2 AA Fz cd/e/f ||
|: az cd fga | b2- bc’ bag | aa cd fga | gz cc cd/e/f |
az cd fga | bz bb bag | az c’d’ c’ag |1 ga- af- fd/e/f :|2 ga- af- fAG ||


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Last run

:|2 ga- af- fc/A/G ||

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The first note there is actually a low D, not a rest.

Lovely tune, I gotta say.

Is it just me or does the second part sound similar to the second part of Ramneedh Ceilidh??

Nice tune

my sound files are gone just wonder why its not my computer all other sounds are fine