The Old House waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Old House
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
A2 c3A|G2 _B3G|F2 A3F|E2 C2 C2|
F2 A4|D2 F3D|CF zE F2|G6|
A2 c3A|G2 _B3G|F2 A3F|E2 C3C|
F2 A3C|D2 F3D|CF F2 E2|F6|
A2 c3A|G2 _B3G|F2 A3F|E2 C4|
F2 A3F|D2 F3D|C2 F2 EF|G6|
A2 c3A|G2 _B3G|F2 A3F|E2 C3C|
F2 A3C|D2 F3D|C3F E2|F6|
A2 c3A|G2 _B3G|F2 A3F|C3C3|
F2 A3F|D2 F3D|C2 F2 E2|G6|
A2 c3A|G2 _B3G|F2 A3F|C3C3|
F2 A3C|F3d3|c2 d2 e2|f6|f6|f6|

Seven comments

The Old House

This is a lovely tune first recorded by John McCormack in the 1930’s. I came across the version by Barney McKenna as a banjo solo on Youtube. It’s really great.
I got a midi of it and converted it using Tabledit and also have it in that format if anyone wants it. Unfortunately, it didn’t export well into ABC format because of the lyrics getting in the way.

This sounds like a de-tuned version of ‘The Valley Lay Smiling Before Me’. Just grabbed the right book to enter the ABC. (After I smoothened the wonky measures Jake Walton has chosen. I reckon he tried to be as faithful to the way he heard it played or played it himself.)

X: 1
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
R: waltz
K: Dmin
DE |F A3 F2 |E2 G3 E |D3 E DC |A,4 z E |F A3 F2 |E3 G2 E |
D4 DE |F A3 F2 |E G3 E z |D3 E DC |A,4 AG |F E3 D2 |A,4 DD |
D4 z D |F3 G2 A |c2 A2 F2 |EF/E/ D3 C |F3 G A2 |c2 A3 c |d6 |
d2 c A2 D |E3 G2 E |D3 E DC |D4 AG |F2 E3 D |A, D3 C2 |D6 |

Text goes:

Oh the valley lay smiling before me,
Where lately I’d left her behind,
But I trembled as something came o’er me,
That saddened the joy of my mind.
I looked for the lamp which she told me,
Would shine when her pilgrim returned,
I trembled as darkness came o’er me:
There a light from the battlement burned.

The Old House

I figured out how to delete the lyrics in Tabledit. Hope this is easier to read. By the way I’m not sure what key it is in. On reflection I think it may be F Major. I don’t know if it’s a waltz or not.

T:the old house.mid
A2 c3A | G2 _B3G | F2 A3F | E2 C2 C2 | F2 A4 | D2 F3D | CF zE F2 | G6 | A2 c3A | \
G2 _B3G | F2 A3F | E2 C3C | F2 A3C | D2 F3D | CF F2 E2 | F6 | A2 c3A | G2 _B3G | \
F2 A3F | E2 C4 | F2 A3F | D2 F3D | C2 F2 EF | G6 | A2 c3A | G2 _B3G | F2 A3F | E2 C3C | \
F2 A3C | D2 F3D | C3F E2 | F6 | A2 c3A | G2 _B3G | F2 A3F | C3C3 | F2 A3F | D2 F3D | \
C2 F2 E2 | G6 | A2 c3A | G2 _B3G | F2 A3F | C3C3 | F2 A3C | F3d3 | c2 d2 e2 | f6 | \
f6 | f6 | \
W:Created with TablEdit

Well if you have managed to get rid of the lyrics could you post that version in place of your original ABCs? Otherwise it won’t get converted.

OK. I’ve reposted the ABC file and I think it’s all right. Barney McKenna plays it much more slowly with lots of tremelo. Here are the lyrics.

Lonely I wander through scenes of my childhood
They bring back to memory the happy days of yore
Gone are the old folk, the house stands deserted
No light in the window, no welcome at the door

Here’s where the children played games on the heather
Here’s where they sailed their wee boats on the burn
Where are they now? Some are dead, some have wandered
No more to their home will the children return

Lonely the house now, and lonely the moorland
The children have scattered, the old folk are gone
Why stand I here, like a ghost or a shadow?
It’s time I was movin’, it’s time I passed on


Yes, one flat is the key of F major, and since you have all the b’s flatted, or even most of them, I would say this has one flat.