The Barr Road reel

By Maurice Lennon

There are 2 recordings of this tune.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Barr Road
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
B2AG DGG2|DFAc BGG2|eccA dBBG|A2ag fdcA|
B2AG DGG2|DFAc BGG2|e2cA Ggfe|dedc BGG2:|
Bd3 dedc|Bddc BGG2|Bd2d dedB|cBAG FDD2|
Bddd dedc|Bddc BGGA|ec2cd BB2|FAdc BGG2:|

Two comments

The Barr Road

as seen here, being played by Pat McManus & Sean Magee.

according to Alan Ng’s
written by Maurice Lennon; The only recorded version is
The London Lasses and Pete Quinn. Enchanted Lady.2006

My first attempt at using ABC - and tune submission.
Loved the tune - and wanted to ‘get the notes’ to learn it myself -as well as encourage session friends to learn /play. As I only play ‘by ear’ and can’t read abc - or ‘notes’ , this was a challenge.

So many thanks to Hiroko (concertina) who wrote down the basic abc in Japanese characters, in ‘real time’ as she listened to the tune (London Lasses version) being played at ‘full speed’ on my MP3 player, I had heard she could do this - but now I’ve seen it !

To get it into ‘playable’ abc format, I used “Easyabc” on a mac (also available for PC). I took a ‘learning shortcut’ by simply pasting in another 32 bar reel in G — then changing the title, notes, etc .Saved me having to learn the abc formatting etc from scratch.

The first midi play through showed up plenty of errors, but was easier than I anticipated to correct these (mainly timing) until it sounded right. After the couple of hours sorting this out - both abc , and the music score started to make much more sense.
Maybe I’m on my way to being able to read music after all !

However I fully expect those with more musical ears than mine to be able to improve on this ‘first go’.

I suppose Barr in this context, likely means The High Road. As opposed to the Road to the Bar!

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