Fionn’s reel

By Charlie McKerron

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Forgot I transcribed this…nearly duplicated my own submission!

Amy Geddes also recorded this tune recently, makes a mighty job of it too: Track 5 on her album: Messing.

The track, if fact the whole album, can be heard here:

Re: Fionn’s

This video is a part of my collection of traditional tunes that I have learned over the years and because I also teach these tunes I want to make them available to everyone else. This project is very educational for me and handy in teaching-situations. The pictures in each tune are from my photo albums and represents all those fond memories of musical joy. Hope you like it! 🙂

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Re: Fionn’s

Hello! Im wokring on a big project with recording all tunes I know in slow tempo togehter
with som tools and flute exercises for anyone to use and learn and practice along with.
Hope you find good use of it!




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