Thirty-two recordings of a tune named
Peacock Follow The Hen

Also known as Brose And Butter, Cuddle Me Cuddy, Here We Go Up, Up, Up, Mad Moll, The Peacock And The Hen, The Peacock Followed The Hen, The Peacock Follows The Hen, Up And Down Again, Yellow Stockings.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with The Drops Of Brandy (lots of times), All The Night I Lay With Jockey (a few times), Elsie Marley (a few times), The Long Room At Scarborough (a few times), The Monaghan (a few times), A Fig For A Kiss, An Phis Fhliuch, Andrew Carr, Berwick Billy, Bobbin’ John, The Butterfly, The Cat And The Dog, Childgrove, Dowd’s No. 9, Eileen O’Callaghan’s, Francis Aucoin, Guzzle Together, The Humours Of Whiskey, Jackson’s, The Low Country Dance, Morrison’s, My Mind Will Never Be Easy, My Wife’s A Wanton Wee Thing, Nameless, Pay The Reckoning, The Rainy Day, Rattlin’ Roarin’ Willie, Shew Us The Way To Wallington, Sir Roger De Coverley, Sleepy Maggie, Snug In The Blanket, St. Kilda Wedding, Would The Minister Not Dance?.

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