One recording of
Peacock Follow The Hen
The Low Country Dance

Peacock Follow The Hen (slip jig) is also known as Brose And Butter, Cuddle Me Cuddy, Here We Go Up, Up, Up, Jenny Jumped Over The Wall, Mad Moll, The Peacock And The Hen, The Peacock Followed The Hen, The Peacock Follows The Hen, Up And Down Again, Yellow Stockings.

The Low Country Dance (slip jig) is also known as Country Dance, Lochaber Dance, The Lochaber Dance, Lochaber Dance#.

Stepping On The Bridge by Hamish Moore

  1. Brose And Butter
  2. Up Wi’ Eli Eli
  3. Souters O’ Selkirk
  4. Go To Berwick, Johnny
  5. Lochaber Dance