Come O’er The Stream, Charlie waltz

Also known as Come O’er The Stream Charlie.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Come O'er The Stream, Charlie
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D2|G3 Bd2|d2B2e2|d2B2g2|d2B2A2|
G3 Bd2|d2B2G2|D2B2A2|G4D2|
G3 Bd2|d2B2e2|d2B2g2|d2B2A2|
G3 Bd2|d2B2G2|D2B2A2|G4d2||
g3 fg2|e2f2g2|e2a2g2|f2e2d2|
g3 fg2|e2d2c2|B2A2G2|d4B2|
g3 fe2|d2B2G2|D2B2A2|G4||

Four comments

Scottish traditional

Strictly speaking, it’s merely the melody of a Jacobite song of the same name, but nonetheless a good 32-bar waltz tune to play at a ceilidh/ceili.

“Charlie” is of course Prince Charles Stewart (Bonnie Prince Charlie) and “stream” is a reference to the sea.

q.v. other Jacobite songs/tunes on similar theme:

- My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
- Bonnie Charlie (=King of the Fairies)

The poem is attributed to James Hogg, and printed with the tune in his “Jacobite Relics” collection under the title “Maclean’s Welcome” where he says it came from the “Gaelic”.

And for anyone interested, here are the lyrics of the song:


Come o’er the stream Charlie, dear Charlie, brave Charlie
Come o’er the stream Charlie and dine with MacLean
And though ye be weary we’ll mak’ yer heart cheery
And welcome our Charlie and his loyal train

We’ll bring doon the red deer; we’ll bring doon the black steer
The lamb frae the bracken and the doe frae the ben
The salt sea we’ll harry and bring to our Charlie
The cream frae the bothy and the curd frae the pen


And you will drink freely the dews o’ Glen Sheerly
That in the starlight when kings dinnae ken
And deep be your mead o’ the win that is red
To drink to your sire and his friend the MacLean


If aught will invite ye or more can delight ye
It’s ready a troop of our bold hielan’ men
They’ll range on the heather with bayonet and feather
Strong arms and broad claymores three hundred and ten