Tommy McCarthy’s jig

By Charlie Lennon

Also known as In Memory Of Tommy McCarthy.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Tommy McCarthy's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
DEG|:A3 zdc|Adc AFD|~G3 cAG|~E3 cBc|
|:d^cd d2a|fdB cAF|~G3 cAG|~E3 cBc|
d^cd d2a|fdB cAF|GAB cAG|AFD DFA:|
|:d^cd def|~g3 gfe|~f3 fed|eAA age|
d^cd dfa|~g3 efg|aba ge^c|1 ed^c d3:|2 ed^c d^cA||
AGG AGA|GEG cBc|ded cAG|1 AFD D2 A:|2 AFD D3||

Six comments

This great jig is on “Dusk Till Dawn” (Charlie Lennon, Johnny Og Connolly). I believe it was, in fact, composed by Mr. Lennon.

Oisín MacDiarmada’s Version

Learned this recently at a fiddle workshop led by Oisín MacDiarmada of Téada, who did, indeed, attribute it to Charlie Lennon. Not sure how Charlie intended it to be played, but Oisín played/taught it almost with a hint of syncopation - admitting it (his playing of it, anyhow) was more of a show piece than a rousing session or dance tune. Here’s his version:

DEG |: A3 Adc | Adc AFD | ~G3 cAG | ~E3 cBc |
(3AAAA Adc | Adc AFD | EFG GFG |1 AFD DEG :|2 AFD DFA||
|: d3 dfa | fdB cAd | ~G3 cAG |~E3 cBc |
~d3 dfa | fdB cAD | GAB cAG | AFD DFA :|
|: ~d3 def | ~g3 gfe | ~f3 fed | eAA age |
d3 def | ~g3 efg | aba ge^c |1 edd dBA :|2 edd d^cB ||
|: A2G AFA | GEG ~c3 | AGG AEE | AGE FDD |
AGG AFA | GEG cBc | ded cAG | AFD DEG :||

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Rousing session tune…

Oh it’s a rousing session tune at ours, Larke; we love this tune. Makes a nice long set when paired with Dr. O’Neil.

Thank you for adding Oisin’s setting.

Re: Tommy McCarthy’s

I agree, eigmann, and you must have loved it to leave your first comment for 16 years! I love her tempo, although some might call it too slow - I wouldn’t.

Re: Tommy McCarthy’s

It’s pretty much at the speed which Charlie Lennon himself recorded it with Johnny og Connolly, and would lose something if played any faster, IMHO. Angelina Carberry is one of the most tasteful banjo players you’ll ever come across.

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