Tommy McCarthy’s jig

Also known as In Memory Of Tommy McCarthy.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Tommy McCarthy's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
DEG|:A3 zdc|Adc AFD|~G3 cAG|~E3 cBc|
|:d^cd d2a|fdB cAF|~G3 cAG|~E3 cBc|
d^cd d2a|fdB cAF|GAB cAG|AFD DFA:|
|:d^cd def|~g3 gfe|~f3 fed|eAA age|
d^cd dfa|~g3 efg|aba ge^c|1 ed^c d3:|2 ed^c d^cA||
AGG AGA|GEG cBc|ded cAG|1 AFD D2 A:|2 AFD D3||

Three comments

This great jig is on "Dusk Till Dawn" (Charlie Lennon, Johnny Og Connolly). I believe it was, in fact, composed by Mr. Lennon.

Oisín MacDiarmada’s Version

Learned this recently at a fiddle workshop led by Oisín MacDiarmada of Téada, who did, indeed, attribute it to Charlie Lennon. Not sure how Charlie intended it to be played, but Oisín played/taught it almost with a hint of syncopation - admitting it (his playing of it, anyhow) was more of a show piece than a rousing session or dance tune. Here’s his version:

DEG |: A3 Adc | Adc AFD | ~G3 cAG | ~E3 cBc |
(3AAAA Adc | Adc AFD | EFG GFG |1 AFD DEG :|2 AFD DFA||
|: d3 dfa | fdB cAd | ~G3 cAG |~E3 cBc |
~d3 dfa | fdB cAD | GAB cAG | AFD DFA :|
|: ~d3 def | ~g3 gfe | ~f3 fed | eAA age |
d3 def | ~g3 efg | aba ge^c |1 edd dBA :|2 edd d^cB ||
|: A2G AFA | GEG ~c3 | AGG AEE | AGE FDD |
AGG AFA | GEG cBc | ded cAG | AFD DEG :||

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Rousing session tune…

Oh it’s a rousing session tune at ours, Larke; we love this tune. Makes a nice long set when paired with Dr. O’Neil.

Thank you for adding Oisin’s setting.