Kilkenny Races hornpipe

Also known as The Kilkenny Races.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Kilkenny Races
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3DEF|G2GA GABc|d2 (3efg d2Bd|c2Ac B2GB|ABAG FE (3DEF|
G2GA GABc|d2 (3efg d2gf|(3ece (3gag (3fdf (3aba|g2gf g2:|
(3abc'|d'2a2 b2g2|abag fdgf|efed (3dfa ge|dedc B2G2|
[1 d'2a2 b2g2|abag fdgf|(3ece (3gag (3fdf (3aba|g2gf g2:|
[2 G2GA GABc|d2 (3efg d2gf|(3ece (3gag (3fdf (3aba|g2gf g2||
dc|B2G2 d2G2|(3efg d^c d2A=c|BAGB dBcB|A2AG A2dc|
B2G2 d2G2|(3efg d^c d2gf|(3ece (3gag (3fdf (3aba|g2gf g2:|

Four comments

Kilkenny Races

This is a hornpipe style set dance that I’ve played for dancers at feisianna.

Great tune, very fun. I always envision dancing when playing it, it has that flavor somehow.

Sean Maguire recorded this on a 1960 LP with the Four Star Quartette, and I see he recorded some selections from that LP again on his last outing, a 2008 CD, A Man Apart: One of the re-recorded cuts was this tune. His ornate or prosaic playing contributes to the mood, you have no choice but to play the tune nice and slow, to fit in all the taps.

Re: Kilkenny Races

Very nice played in D.