Grande Nuit In Port Du Peche reel

Also known as Breton Tune, La Grand Nuit Du Port De Peche, La Grande Nuit Du Port De Peche.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Grande Nuit In Port Du Peche
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
B2 fB dfff|BgfB dfff|Bgfd fecd|efff edcA:|
B2 dB de e/e/e|Bfec dcBA|B/B/B dB de e/e/e|Bfec d2 c/B/A|
B/B/B dB de e/e/e|Bfec dcBA|B/B/B dB de e/e/e|fedc B4||

Seven comments

Classic Gordon Duncan tune from "Thunderstruck".

Also featured on Wolfstone "Almost an Island"

I think this tune was actually written by Martin Hughes. I used to work with Martin and he was a very talented flute player.


"Paulso" is absolutely correct, this tune is a composition of flute-player Martin Hughes, and not Gordon Duncan. Martin played in a band called "Eclipse First", and they made a recording with the then "Scotrail Vale Of Atholl" Pipe Band, of whom Gordon was a member. It appears on that CD, 4th track in a suite of music called "Briezh".
As an aside, Martin also was in a band called the "Binious" with Fred Morrison, playing mainly bombarde, and I had some great sessions with them one year at the Lorient Festival in Brittany. I think I may still have some recordings of them.

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To be precise….

I see that someone has already listed it as an alternative title, but on the CD, the tune name is given as "La Grande Nuit Du Port De Peche".

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Tannahill Weavers

You can also find the tune on The Tannahill Weavers’ album "Epona". It is the first tune in the Interceltic Set and is just labelled "Breton Tune" rather than the full name.

ok- i downloaded this mp3 from amazon i think, and i must admit i was wondering why it was in franglais…. living in a francophone country I will hastily say that I was thinking it should be "du". Anyway, no mistaking the tune name for something else I don’t think!