One recording of
Over The Moor To Maggie
Wissahickon Drive

Over The Moor To Maggie (reel) is also known as Green Meadows, Little Christmas, O’er The Moor To Maggie, Over The Moor To Maggie’s, Over The Moore To Maggie, Over The Moors To Maggie, Rakes Of Abeyfale, Rowenella.

Wissahickon Drive (reel) is also known as Liz Carroll’s, Wisahicken Drive, Wissahicken Drive, Wissahickon Dr..

New Spring by Battlefield Band

  1. The Golden Eagle
  2. O’er The Moor To Maggie
  3. The Highland Man Kissed His Grannie
  4. Wissahickon Drive