One recording of
Over The Moor To Maggie
Colonel Rodgers’ Favourite

Over The Moor To Maggie (reel) is also known as Green Meadows, Little Christmas, O’er The Moor To Maggie, Over The Moor To Maggie’s, Over The Moore To Maggie, Over The Moors To Maggie, Rakes Of Abeyfale, Rowenella.

Colonel Rodgers’ Favourite (reel) is also known as Coirnéal Mhac Ruaidhrí, Col. Rodger’s Favourite, Colonel McRory’s, Colonel Rodger’s, Colonel Rodger’s Favourite, Colonel Rodgers, Colonel Roger’s, Colonel Roger’s Favourite, Colonel Rogers, John McKenna’s, Master Rogers, McKenna’s, McKenna’s #1, Sean McKenna’s, Sean McKenna’s No 1, Sean McKenna’s No. 1, Welcome To The Country, Colonel Rodgers’ Favorite.

Traditional Irish Flute Music by Fintan Vallely

  1. Colonel Roger’s
  2. The Happy Days Of Youth
  3. Over The Moor To Maggie