Goathland Square Eight barndance

Also known as The Goathland Square Eight.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Goathland Square Eight
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:D2|G2GB d2B2|g2d2 B2G2|c2AB c2(3BcB|A2G2 F2D2|
G2BB d2B2|g2d2 B2G2|A2AB c2ec|A2F2 G2:|
|:D2|G2gg g2gf|e2ee e2ed|c2a2 a2ag|f2d2 d2ef|
g2e2 e2ag|f2d2 d2g2|e2^c2 A2d=c|B2G2 G2:|

Eight comments

The tune that is played for the dance of the same name. Both the tune and the dance were collected by Cecil Sharp.

Note the spelling: "Goathland", not "Goatland" (nothing to do with goats!). q.v. Oxford dictionary of place names: "Goda’s Land". (Scandanavianised with a "th")

Goathland is a village in North Yorkshire, England, UK.

For anyone interested, this village is the setting for the long-running BBC 1960s soap "Heartbeat" (although it’s called "Adensfield" in the series).

The c# in the penultimate bar of the "B" part always sounds wrong to my ear - but that’s how Sharp collected it.


" … this village is the setting for the long-running BBC 1960s soap "Heartbeat"

I meant of course to say: "Yorkshire Television’s 1960s soap "Heartbeat".

(Yorkshire Televison is ITV, not BBC).

A former member of the cast of Heartbeat once joined in a session I used to frequent in Glasgow. "Vernon Scripps" is a bit of a folkie - but I won’t tell you the instrument he was playing…..

According to Wikipedia, Vernon Scripps is "Honorary Squire" of Dartington Morris Men ….

So, D/G Melodeon or pipe-&-tabor maybe ?

Aha - acting the goat(hland) then … 😉

O God, we pray thee preserve us from all errors, mistakes, heresies, and delusions, in the great concerns of immortal life. We pray thee to bless and preserve us in spirit and in mind from all discordant compositions such as the oh so square and unsubtle, ugly English Goathland Square Eight barndance. O God! May these deaf savages see!