Angus polka

Also known as Angus Polka 2, Angus Polka No. 2, Cameron Men’s Polka No. 2.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Angus
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:Ec c>B|AF FA/F/|EA A/G/A/B/|cB B2|
Ec c>B|AF FA/F/|EA B/A/B/c/|BA A2:|
|:CE E/F/E/D/|CE E/F/E/D/|CE Ac|B/_B/=B/c/ B>E|

Seven comments

I’m still to be convinced by birlibirdie’s statement above…

Re: Angus

Hmm, sounds more like Jimmy Shand to me. I have heard it before somewhere but can’t place just at the moment.

Re: Angus

It predates Shand, Felefeber. An alternative name for it is "The Cameron Men’s Polka" because it was recorded - unnamed - by the fiddling Cameron Men in 1934. This and the other "Angus Polka" were recorded together (the other one first). The Cameron Men were brothers: Jim Cameron, William Cameron and George Cameron all played fiddle, and Stewart Cameron accompanied them on piano. Their records were also re-released under the name Honeyman’s Fiddlers. The Camerons were from the county of Angus hence, probably, the present nomenclature.

Re: Angus

Thinking about it, it’s not correct to say - as I did above - that this tune "predates" Jimmy Shand, because his first recordings were from 1933. Shand did record the strathspey "John McAlpine" in 1945. I mention this because some people note its resemblance to "The Rattling Bog," bringing us back to birlbirdie’s and Felefeber’s posts…