The Gardener’s Daughter reel

Also known as Gardiner’s Daughter, Grand Gates Of Annesbrook.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Gardener's Daughter
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
gf|eAAB GABd|eAAf {a}gfgd|e/f/g dB GABc|dgfg agfg|
eAAB GABd|eAAf {a}gfgd|e/f/g dB GABc|d/c/B gB A2||
Bd|eaag efge|d2 ef g2 fd|e/f/g dB GABc|dgfg agfg|
eaag efge|d2 ef {a}gfgd|e/f/g dB GABc|d/c/B gB A2||

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Yet another collection to mine for rare gems…

I found this little pearl while digging through my latest tunebook find, "The Roche Collection of Traditional Irish Music" (Volume 1). It is but one of many fine collections that have been made available for free download (sorry, ABC-ers, PDF only) from the Na Piobairi Uilleann website. I’m posting this from my soon-to-be-antiquated mobile "not so smart" phone, so please excuse the ugliness of the ABC’s- I will correct them to 4 measures per line as soon as I can get to a real computer (if Jeremy doesn’t get to it first, that is!) Enjoy (to the best of your ability)!

Gardener’s Daughter

This tune has been going through the hands of pipers, from Patsy Touhey to Micke Carney to Willie Clancy and on to the present day:

T:Gardiner’s Daughter
S:Willie Clancy
eAAD ~G2 (3Bcd|eA ~A2 (3gfe fd|eAAD ~G2 Bc|dBgB BA ~A2:||!
ea ~a2 bgag|eaaf (3gfe fd|ea ~a2 b2 af|~g2 dB BA ~A2|!
ea ~a2 bgag|eaaf ~g3 a|(bag af (3gfe fc|dBgB BA ~A2||
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John McKenna and Tom Ennis recorded a tune ‘Gardiner’s Daughter’, the name of which was supposedly a nod to one of John Joe Gardiner’s sisters.

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Gardener’s Daughter

Thanks, Prof.- the melody wasn’t entirely alien to my ears, and now that you’ve given me a little history, it absolutely strikes me as a piping tune. Here’s my go at the setting from the Roche Collection:

X: 1
T: Gardener’s Daughter, The
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Ador
gf|eAAB GABd|eAAf (f~g2) d|egdB GABc|dg ~g2 ag ~g2|
eAAB GABd|eAfA gAfd| e/f/g dB GABc|d/c/B gB A2||
Bd|eaag efge|d2 ef (f~g2) d| .e2 dB GABc| dg ~g2 afgf |
eaag efge | d2 ef ~g2 fd | eBdB GABc|.d2 gd BA A2||

it’s a little "kitchen sink-y" I know- I just wanted to illustrate some places one could go with the tune. That’s probably how the tune lasted this long, anyway…it’s pretty malleable!

Only one ‘recordings of a tune by that name’ so far: how surprising. Is it known by any other name?
It is not that uncommonly heard…

Re: The Gardener’s Daughter

I found the tunes in Breathnach CRE4.195 as I was going through the “Open The Door For THree” (self-titled album). From the book notes from Jack Wade, “this reel starts like “The Maid In the Cherry Tree” but do not judge it by the first two bars. It is a completely different reel”.