The Highland Brigade At Magersfontein waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Highland Brigade At Magersfontein
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
e3/2c/2A2Bc|eca3/2g/2f2|f3/4g/4a3/4f/4 e3/2f/2cA|B3/2c/2 A2A2:|
d3/4c/4B3/4c/4A2Bc|eca3/2g/2f2 |f3/4g/4a3/4f/4 e3/2f/2cA|B3/2c/2 A2A2:|

Two comments

3/4 Retreat.

This tune (a 3/4 retreat, not a waltz, of course) is by Pipe Major John McLellan (1875-1949) of Dunoon, who composed some well known tunes including "The Road to the Isles". It commemorates the Highland Brigade’s part in the battle of Magersfontein during the second Boer War. They were on the losing side and suffered heavy casualties.
Although this is a pipe tune with British military connections, I learned it from the playing of Tom McDermott of Fairlie, Ayrshire during sessions in that part of the world. Tom plays English concertina and he paired this tune with another 3/4 retreat by PM McLellan, "Lochanside" (a tune that Andy "where’s yer troosers" Stewart used for the song "By the Lochside"). That tune is also in the database here:

Tom played the tune in A major and evened out the quavers a wee bit. His version was more like this:

T:The Highland Brigade at Magersfontein
C: Pipe Major John McLellan
|:A3/2B/2 c2ce|a3/2g/2 f2e2|e3/2c/2 A2Ac|
e3/2f/2 c2B2|e3/2c/2 A2Bc|ec a3/2g/2 f2|
ga e3/2d/2 cA|B3/2c/2 A2A2:|
|:c3/2d/2 e2ea|fa e2c/2A3/2|c3/2d/2 e2ea|
f/2g/2a/2f/2 e2ec|d/2c/2B/2c/2 A2Bc|
ec a3/2g/2 f2|ga e3/2d/2 cA|B3/2c/2 A2A2:|

There is information on the composer here:

Thanks for that :~)