Sally May Melia reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Sally May Melia
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:GBdg edBA|GEEE EDDE|DGBd egdG|BAAG A2ge|
d2dd edBA|GEEE EDDE|DGBd egdB|1 AGAB G2DE:|2 AGAB G2gf||
|:e2ef g2gf|edde dBAG|FGAB cccd|edde B2BB|
c2de agfe|ed^ce dBAG|FGAB cedF|1 AGGF G2gf:|2 AGGE DEGA||

One comment

A lovely tune by Sharon Shannon

Here is our transcription for that lovely tune.
Can be heard on track 5 of the "Renagade" album (featuring Sharon Shannon, Mike McGoldrick, Dezy Donnelly and Jim Murray).
Sharon Shannon: "This a tune for my gorgeous little godchild, Sally, daughter of my sister, Mary, and her husband, Darren".
We put it in GM since "The Session" doesn’t support EbM, the original key.
Here is the transcription in EbM:

T:Sally May Melia
|:EGBe cBGF | ECCC CB,B,C | B,EGB ceBE | GFFE F2ec
| B2BB cBGF | ECCC CB,B,C | B,EGB ceBG |1 FEFG E2B,C :|2 FEFG E2ed
|:c2cd e2ed | cBBc BGFE | DEFG AAAB | cBBc G2GG
| A2Bc fedc | cB=Ac BGFE | DEFG AcBD |1 FEED E2ed :|2 FEEC B,CEF
Carole & François