Duntroon reel

By Donald MacPhedran

Also known as Duntroon.

There are 15 recordings of this tune.

Duntroon has been added to 3 tune sets.

Duntroon has been added to 22 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Duntroon
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:e2ce f2df|fece ~A3c|1 e2ce f2ce|BdGd BdGd:|2 defd cdec|BcdB ~G3B||
~e3c ABcd|efec ~A3c|~e3c ABcA|BcdB ~G3B|
~e3c ABcd|eaec ~A3c|defd cdec|BcdB ~G3B||
~A2cA BAcA|~A2cA BAcB|~A2cA BAcA|d~G3 dGBG|
~A2cA BAcB|~A2ef ecAc|defd cdec|BcdB ~G3B||
|:Aa^ga eAcA|ea^ga eAcA|1 ea^ga eAcA|dgBg dgBg:|2 defd cdec|BcdB ~G3B||

Nine comments

Duntroon Castle

Somehow I stumbled unto a set of 2 pipe reels
Duntoon Castle and Sandy Cameron’s at

It’s from the Young Scottish Pipers Album, this
track by Fred Morrison - he really is quite good.

I found some a few ABC versions, but quite his so I wrote it
out myself - best as I could. It’s close.


e2 ce f2 df | e2 ce A2 c2 | e2 ce f2 ce | d2 Gd BG B2 |
e2 ce f2 df | fece A2 c2 |defd c2 ec | BcdB G2 B2 |
eAec ABcd | efec A2 c2 | eAec ABcA | BcdB G2 B2 |
eAec ABcd | eaec A2 c2 | defd c2 ec | BcdB G2 B2 |
AAcA cAcA |AAcA cA c2 | AAcA cAcA | BG G2 BG B2 |
AAcA cAcA | AAce eA c2 | defd c2 ec | BcdB G2 B2 |
eaga eAcA | eaga eA c2 | eaga eABA | BG G2 BG B2 |
eaga eAcA | eagf eA c2 | defd c2 ec | BcdB G2 B2 |

Composed by D.MacPhedran - "abcs" from a sheet music photocopy I’ve had for years, but can’t remember where who gave it to me. It’s usually just called "Duntroon".
Fred Morrison is better than "quite good". He takes a few liberties with the tune, but his playing of the 2 reels on that recording is one of my favourite pieces of Scottish music ever. Special mention should also go to the fiddle player - was it Kenny Spiers ? - and also some good driving guitar backing.

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The fiddle player was Kenny Fraser.

None of those videos appear to be "available".

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They all work me

Now I do admit that I’ve made the occasional youtube link blunder, but this time they do all seem
to work - Ubuntu 15.10 linux/seamonkey-2.39 - a tad obscure perhaps.
The embedded links don’t send you to the correct time though, try again, or click on the urls above the
embedded videos?


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These are those auto-generated channels; unfortunately, they’re not accessible from everywhere. :~/ You might need a proxy to see them.