Valse Des Poeles waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Valse Des Poeles
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
cd cB AE | F3 G FE | AG AB cA | Bc dc B2- |
Bc cB AE | F3 G FE | AG Ac BG |1 A2 A3 B :|2 A2 A3 A ||
AE Ac ec | f3 g af | ef ec Ac | Bc BG FE |
AG Ac ec | f3 g af | ec Ac BG |1 A2 A3 A :|2 A2 A3 B ||

Three comments

Waltz on Genticorum’s new album

This waltz is track 8 on Genticorum’s new album "Nagez Rameurs". I think that it’s by Pascal, the fiddler, but haven’t got the sleeve notes with me, so can’t check. Lovely tune anyway. Below is a version with an approximation of the chords that they use.

T:Valse des poêles
"A/C#"cd cB AE | "D"F2 zG FE | "A/E"AG AB cA | "E/B"Bc dc B2 |
"A/C#"zc cB AE | "D"F2 FG FE | "E"AG Ac BG | "A"A2 A3 B :|
"A"AG Ac ec | "D"f2 fg af | "A/C#"ef ec Ac | "E"Bc BG FE |
"A"AG Ac ec | "D"f2 fg af | "E"ec Ac BG | "A"A2 A3 B :|

Great album

I think Pascal says that this is by Simon Riopel. He spent the whole day moving stoves (des poêles) and could hardly move his hands, so he wrote this really nice waltz that didn’t require his fingers to be too fleet.

Gorgeous waltz. One of my favorites.

From Pascal’s blog:


Thanks for the info HipCzeck. Glad to give Simon Riopel the recognition he deserves, it’s a beautiful tune. I’ve also altered the ABC to agree with the blog post; I was pretty close (putting F2 z instead of F3 for instance), but it’s best to have it as accurate as possible.