Cruaca Glas Na hÉireann waltz

Also known as Cruaca Glas Na hEireann, Cruaca Glasa Na hÉireann, Cruacha Glas Na hÉireann, The Green Hills Of Ireland.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Cruaca Glas Na hÉireann
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D2|B2 c2 B2|A2 B2 A/B/A|G6|D3 [CE] D2|E2 F2 G2|c2 G2- Gc|B6|B4 A/B/A|
G3 F G2|A2 G2 E/F/E|D6|G6|B2 A/B/A G2|E2 F2 G2|A6|d3 B cA|
B3 c B2|A2 B2 A/B/A|G6|D3 [CE] D2|E2 F2 G2|c2 G2- Gc|B6|B4 A/B/A|
G3 A G2|A2 G2 E/F/E|D6|d3 B cA|B2 D2- DD|E2 G2 BG|A6|G6||
d4- d^c|d4 e2|d6|B6|D2 G2- GB|d2 e2- eB|d6-|d4 c/d/c|
B6|B2 c2- c^c|d4 dB|c4 c/d/c|B2 A2 G2|E2 F2 G2|B2 A/B/A G2|[E3e3] [F/f/][E/e/] [D2d2]|
d4- d^c|d4 e2|d6|B6|D2 G3 B|d3 ^c d2|e6|E4 F2|
G3 A G2|A2 G2 E/F/E|D6|d3 B cA|B2 D2- DD|E2 G2 B2|A6|G4||

Ten comments

“Cruacha/Cruaca Glasa/Glas na hÉireann”

Filling a request by roundabout means, the friend of a friend, well, the Irish teacher of a friend. It’s the least I can do for a good cause, someone taking the time to teach Irish in Manchester, bless ‘em… The teaching includes a song in Irish, like this one, which they translate, and, I’m hoping, however coarse it might be, that they do a bit of singing too. I’ll leave the words, in Irish and English, for others to add here… 😉

“Cruacha/Cruaca Glasa/Glas na hÉireann” - Chris Droney

In the main this is a transcription of the concertina playing of Chris Droney, a fine dancer he is too. It can be found on his recording “The Fertile Rock”, track 16, played as a waltz, but, at the moment misspelled, missing an ‘i’. I’ve written the person who had submitted it and hopefully that will be corrected soon and the link to that recording will be made…


cruach (f) ~ heap, stack, rick; high mountain; pile; steel…
(m) ~ cuach; crobh…

The diads…

[CE]… do you know which of the two notes is the main melodic tone? I don’t know the tune, but would lean to the C… and not just in honor of the poster, who sometimes just uses his initial!

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By the way…

My Irish isn’t what I’d like it to be, but (especially since this is for an Irish class) wouldn’t the h always be lower case before Éireann?

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C, but as the request was from a piper, and out of consideration for those D limited pipes, of all kinds, I’ve included the E…

It doesn’t surprise me that you’d guess the C, and right you were, as usual…

Here’s hoping life has been being kind to you old friend, at least more so than contrary… ~ ‘c’

Na hÉireann

In Titles this website automatically turns all first letters into a captol… It also happens in ‘recordings’ too…

It did it above as well, as I’d written that header as na hÉireann, a lower case ‘n’…

‘captol’ - another missing ‘i’, and an ‘o’ that should be an ‘a’… Maybe it’s something in Ron Zacapa rums?