Paris Nights waltz

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Paris Nights
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
E FE ^DE|:c2 d2 e2|d2 c3 B|c2 A4-|AE FE ^DE|
c2 d2 e2|e2 d3 e|f6-|fA _BA ^GA|
d2 e2 f2|f2 g3 f|e2 c2 d2|e4 dc|
B2 ^A2 B2|f3 e dc|B6-|BE FE ^DE|
c2 d2 e2|d2 c3 B|c2 A4-|AA _BA ^GA|
^c2 e2 g2|_b2 a3 g|f6-|f2 de fg|
af df af|af df af|ae ce ae|ae ce ae|
^ga gf ed|cd cB A^G|A2 E2 C2|1 A,E FE ^DE:|2 A,2 A3 ^G||
=G2 g3 a|g2 d2 f2|f2 e3 ^d|e4 A^G|
=G2 d3 e|f2 g2 f2|e6-|e4 de|
f3 e d2|a3 g f2|e2 e2 d2|c6|
B2 ^A2 B2|f3 e dc|B6-|B2 AB A^G|
=G2 g3 a|g2 d2 f2|f2 e3 ^d|e4 GF|
E2 e3 f|e2 B2 d2|c6-|c4 AG|
F2 d^c de|fg af ed|E2 cB cd|e^g ae dc|
BE ^DE eE|dE cE BE|A2 E2 C2|1 A,2 A3 ^G:|2 A,||
X: 2
T: Paris Nights
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
^AB|:G2 A2 B2|A2 G3 F|G2 E4-|EB cB ^AB|
G2 A2 B2|B2 A3 B|c6-|cE =FE ^DE|
A2 B2 c2|c2 d3 c|B2 G2 A2|B4 AG|
F2 =F2 ^F2|c3 B AG|F6-|FB cB ^AB|
G2 A2 B2|A2 G3 F|G2 E4-|EE =FE ^DE|
^G2 B2 d2|=f2 e3 d|c6-|c2 AB cd|
ec Ac ec|ec Ac ec|eB GB eB|eB GB eB|
^de dc BA|GA GF E^D|E2 B2 G2|1 EB cB ^AB:|2 E2 E3 ^D||
D2 d3 e|d2 A2 c2|c2 B3 ^A|B4 E^D|
D2 A3 B|c2 d2 c2|B6-|B4 AB|
c3 B A2|e3 d c2|B2 B2 A2|G6|
F2 =F2 ^F2|c3 B AG|F6-|F2 EF E^D|
D2 d3 e|d2 A2 c2|c2 B3 ^A|B4 dc|
B2 B3 c|B2 F2 A2|G6-|G4 ED|
c2 A^G AB|cd ec BA|B2 GF GA|B^d eB AG|
FB ^AB BB|AB GB FB|E2 B2 G2|1 E2 E3 ^D:|2 E||

Six comments

From Kevin Burke & Cal Scott - Across the Black River.

Hmmm… something in the sky?

Coincidence abounds!…during a break in the evening we were playing a contra dance this past Saturday night, one of the dancers started to lilt this tune and wondered what the name of it was…Our intrepid bass player, Betsy, came up with the name and played along.

Nice! I found the CD in my car the other day and remembered what a great tune it is. I was a bit surprised that it wasn’t here already.

According to an article in Irish Echo online ( it was written by Cal Scott. Don’t know any more background right now…

As a matter of fact, I just discovered that it was here already! It’s hidden in the comments on the recording page… 🙂