Biddy The Peeler slip jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Biddy The Peeler
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
|:EDE GEG c2d|ege dcA cAG|EDE GEG c2d|BGB cec d2B:|
GcG ecg edc|Acd edc d2A|GcG ecg edc|dBg dBg edc|
GcG ecg edc|Acd edc dcA|GcG ecg edc|BGB cec d2B|

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‘Biddy the Peeler’

Another self-indulgence-

Wrote this to go into ‘Polly the Lass’ and then ‘I’m the Boy for Bewitching’.

A peeler is apparently a crab or the fisherman that catch them. Seemed a bit of a shrew of a tune?

Biddy the Peeler

Members of the Irish police force established by Sir Robert Peel in the early 1800s were called "peelers."

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I think that "Peeler Creek" tune is American (there is a Peeler Creek in North Carolina, for example) along with that term for a crab - that usage hasn’t got an entry in the OED.

The obvious choice would be a police officer, especially as it was originally applied to the Irish police force, but it could also mean someone who peels fruit or vegetables. This would make more sense, as "Biddy" is usually a diminutive of Bridget or Brigid - and those names are more commonly used for girls. I don’t think there were too many women police officers back in the days of the Irish ‘peelers’.

Still - it’s open to speculation.

I tell a lie - peeler is entered in the OED - though the examples are mostly American, it also appears to be a Scottish term (for the shore crab, specifically).

So, if the tune is Scottish or American - maybe it is a crab. That’s also on the assumption that someone was fond enough of a shore crab to give it the name Biddy.

‘Peeler’ can also refer to a stripper (mostly American), so there is another possibility. Or it could refer to a "person of extraordinary or unusual qualities" - "a lively and energetic person; a person with exceptional aptitude or enthusiasm for an activity".

Take your choice, folks.

A cowboy - or a robber - or an extortionist.

Scrapng the barrel now.

But then you say yiou wrote the tune (didn’t catch that at first) Mr Kelahan? My hat off to you for being so fond of shore crabs….

Yeah, I wrote it.

Ok, since you mention extortion (I thought for a second it would shift to contortion) I may have to whistle for the bobby- it’s beginning to sound like I got a case of crabs from a peeler - and here I was thinking I’d give you the slip!

I’m certain some people may find this tune appeeling.

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