The Ganger’s Ass reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Ganger's Ass
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
DF (3FFF EFDF|AFAB d3 f|eB (3BBB g2 gf|fedf eBdB|
AFFE F2 FB|AFAB d2 df|eB (3BBB g2 fe|1 dBAF D3 E:|2 dBAF D4||
|:df (3fff gefe|dfbf abaf|g2 eg fedf|gecA <GABc|
df (3fff gefe|dfbf abaf|g2 eg fedf|1 gece d2 dA:|2 gece d2 de||
|:fd (3ddd edBc|d2 dA BdAF|DFAd f2 ef|g2 fg edBd|
fd (3ddd edBc|d2 dA BdAF|DFAd f2 ef|1 gece d2 de:|2 gece d4||
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Six comments

The Ganger’s Ass

3rd reel in a set of 3 reels composed by flute and fiddle player Francis O’Connor, and recorded by "Sliabh Notes", [ very fast, and in Eb ].

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What a delightful title!

Tune Title

From the track list:

The Hairy Dogleaf/Be It known To You/The Gauger’s Ass (Reels)

Slightly less delightful title, but good nonetheless!

Not on my CD……

The "Ass" belonged to the "Ganger" on my copy of the CD, and also apparently on the copy belonging to "Celtic1234" who posted the CD here in the "Recordings" section. I have no reason to believe that to be wrong. The "Gauger" might well enough have an "Ass", but someone else will have to write him a tune - it’s not this one.

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The Ganger’s Ass

is a great tune; might revive it for WW2014…but in D of course.