Crochallan waltz

Also known as My Heart’s In The Highlands.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Crochallan
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Fmaj
F3/2G/ |A2 GA cA |G2 F2 F3/2G/ |A2 c2 f3/2d/ |c4 d3/2c/ |
B2 A2 G3/2F/ |FA C2 c3/2B/ |A2 F2 G2 |F4 F2||
G2 A2 f2 |F2 E2 F2 |G/G3/2 A2 f2 |c2 A2 F2 |
G2 A2 c2 |F2 E2 d2 |c2 A2 G2 |F4 ||

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Sometimes "My Heart’s in the Highlands" is sung to this tune. I have yet another tune for this poem, which I post later.

> & < - - - in the past and in the present

Instead of —-
F3/2G/ —- F3/2G/ —- f3/2d/ —- d3/2c/ —- etc…

F>G |\
A2 GA cA | G2 F2 F>G | A2 c2 f>d | c4 d>c |
B2 A2 G>F | FA C2 c>B | A2 F2 G2 | F4 ||
F4 | G2 A2 f2 | F2 E2 F2 | G<G A2 f2 | c2 A2 F2 |
G2 A2 c2 | F2 E2 d2 | c2 A2 G2 | F4 |]

The count is also off here ~ | F4 || F4 | ~


Yea, seen F4 mistake, the other I do not understand, F3/2G etc displays correctly…


> & < - - - ๐Ÿ˜

F3/2G/ - was an intermediary way of doing ABCs, probably one of the daft softwares out there, but following the old line that ‘simple is best’, and less messy too, the ‘old’ pre-computer way of ABC, and now the accepted norm with most of the current software packages that deal with ABC notation, and generally the ‘now’ practice is to use ‘>’ for swing and ‘<’ for a snap. But, if you wish to remain in the middle, limbo, no one can twist your arm. However, somehow F3/2G/ compared to a simpler F>G makes sense to me, and obviously does to most others that use ABC notation, dinosaurs and geeks alike…

Tired and enjoying a nice dry red wine I’m not so clear, what I meant to say is that ~ "F>G (and G<G) makes (considerably more) sense to me" than F3/2G/ (or G/G3/2). However, neither really deals with the rhythmic reality of it all. They can only approximate… But maybe it’s just me being lazy, three strokes of the keys instead of six, so a 50% increase in efficiency, getting the same results. But I also read ABCs, and I guess you could call that fluently, as well as I do the dots, and cramming a load of the unnecessary, or cramming it all together in one mass of letters, does not make for an easy read., while > & < do…

Air | Air ~ | A2 GA cA | ~

At least you use spacing better than some do, making for an easier read in that respect, with thanks and appreciation… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wouldn’t you prefer…


or even



Sorry, couldn’t help being silly (yet still ‘correct’)! ๐Ÿ™‚

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F2/3G1/3 ~ I should have used the stats the other way around, that the long way of it is 100% less efficient than > or < … The possibilities of fractions in it all, getting it as near to ‘exact’ as possible, is a bit like Laban notation for dance, or fast drying concrete… ๐Ÿ˜Ž

100% more inefficient, or does that really make sense? ๐Ÿ˜€

I’m back on the red wine again tonight…


have you been steeping wormwood in that red wine or something? ๐Ÿ™‚

Seriously, though: When I look at a score, the more exacting the detail, the more I think that the composer/arranger was calling for precise compliance. If there’s variability, as swing/snap is usually meant, then the simplest, generic indication is enough (although the style of music may make even that unneccessary).

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Would you mind stating your source for this tune, aena15 - it makes this site all the more useful and informative.

Crodh Cheilein

Alexander Stewart of Woodend in Glenlyon (a fiddler) contributed the Glenlyon tune of the song Crodh Cheilein to the Celtic Monthly (no 12 vol 3 September 1895 p237-239) along with an account of the association of the song with Glenlyon and an extra Glenlyon verse. This account was conflated by the editor with another article giving the Lochaber tune and the rather strange translation of the song published by Mrs Grant of Laggan in her โ€œEssays on the Superstitions of the Highlandsโ€. (She turns the cattle into deer). I can probably translate the two tunes from solfa to ABC if anyone is interested. (Or I can supply the solfa to someone who might be more expert than I - which isn’t very expert as I am entirely self-taught).

Crodh Cheilein

With grateful thanks to Nigel Gatherer for translation from solfa, here are the tunes:

X: 1
T: Crodh Cailein (Glenlyon variant as published 1895)
N: Transposed from sol-fa by Nigel Gatherer
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: A
E>F | A2 A2 B2 | E2 E2 E>F | A2 A2 B2 | e4
dc | B2 d2 FE | D2 E2 A>F | A2 B2 F2 | E4 ||

The Glenlyon tune sung at milking was said to calm the cattle and improve the yield, but the great aunt who told me this then confessed that they didn’t themselves sing it at milking. I have no success as a folklorist!

X: 2
T: Crodh Cailein (Lochaber variant as published 1895)
N: Transposed from sol-fa by Nigel Gatherer
N: Transposed from E to D
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: D
DE | F2 F2 F2 | FE D2 DE | F2 A2 d2 | B4
AG | F2 A2 F2 | E2 F2 dF | A2 F2 E2 | D4 |
AB | d2 d2 e2 | d2 B2 A2 | d2 e2 dB | d4
DE | F2 E2 D2 | E2 F2 dB | A2 F2 E2 | D4 |

The earliest printed version of Crodh Chailein appears to be a relatively late one - The Elizabeth Ross manuscript of c 1812 - collected in Raasay. As mentioned in the School of Scottish Studies edition of the manuscript, the Burns connection is with the "Crochallen Fencibles", a club in Edinburgh, of which Burns was a member, its meetings being held in held in a tavern in Anchor Close. The proprietor of the tavern, Daniel (Dawney) Douglas was known for his rendition of Crodh Chailein, and that’s how the first part of the club name came to be.

There are some interesting tunes in the manuscript.

Here’s a basic pipe setting:

T:Crodh Chailein (Colin’s Cattle)
R:3/4 Retreat
{g}A>B {GdG}c2{gcd}c2|{gef}e2{gcd}cB {G}A2|{g}A>B {GdG}c2{gef}e2|{ag}a2{fg}f4|
{gef}e>d {gcd}c2{gef}e2|{gcd}c{e}A {GdG}B2{GdG}c2|{ag}a>f {gef}e2{gcd}c{e}A|{GdG}B2{G}A4:|
|:{g}c>d {gef}e2{A}e2|{ag}a2{fg}f2{g}e2|{g}c>d {gef}e2{gfg}f2|a2{g}a4|
A>B {GdG}c2{gBd}B2|{G}A2{g}B2{GdG}c2|{ag}a>f {gef}e2{gcd}c{e}A|{GdG}B2{G}A4:|

Crodh Chailein

Alexander Stewart dates the song to a cattle raid by Keppoch men on Cashlie in Glenlyon in 1650-55. A milkmaid called Macnee was killed and the Glenlyon version has a verse about her.

See they Keppoch folk……..

Brilliant! Nigel got his wish, if not from the person who originally submitted this… Thanks for all that, from me, and no doubt from Nigel too, including the reference back to him…

Crock Alleeeeen

Aye, Ceol… after Rum, Wine, Whisky (Glendronach no less), so whatever, I concur…

Rum wine and Glendronach?! How could you Nigel. I’d set the night aside just for the latter, though there are rums and wines I’d gladly give the time to as well, but not all three on the trot. My heaven guard your liver and kidneys…

I’ve got to slow down the typing ~ having meant to pass on the blessing ~ May heaven guard your liver and kidneys… But really, it isn’t about quantity, it’s about the suggested punch that forms in your stomach. At least you capped it off with the Glendronach. Now that I would gladly finish the day with…

I’m jealous Nigel, I don’t think I’ll get any single malt this year, sigh… Have one for me, and a Merry Christmas too… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Would you like anyone at all to have a nice single malt for you? In which case, which one would you like me to have? There’s 2 types of Talisker, 2 types of Macallan, a Glenmorangie, Glenfiddich, Laphroaig, Glenlivet, Islay and one or two more that I tend to forget by the time I’ve run through the above …


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My father was from Huntly in Aberdeenshire, and I believe Glendronach is the local malt, so it’s always been somewhat special in my family. I wouldn’t normally drink rum, wine and whisky at one sitting but we had friends round for drinks, lots and often, so what is a man to do? It was once they had left that I broke the seal on the Glendronach and June and I sat and glowed.

"sat and glowed" ~ that’s a good chuckle. We’re downing hot spiced wine this evening…

Ethical, if that’s you cupboard ~ WOW! Any Islay will do, or one of the Macallans… Lagavullin was the one I used to frequent most…

I had some Lagavullin at one time. I wonder if that’s one of the ones I’ve forgotten about … ๐Ÿ˜

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More malts

Just had a look, and there are indeed more than I listed above. There’s a Speyside, an Aberlour, there is in fact a Lagavullin, all of the ones on the above list, plus a couple of others at the back that I haven’t reached yet … hic … Currently onto the Speyside. Nice. ๐Ÿ™‚

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A man with a stock of single malts that I wish were nearer… You’ve counted some of your blessing no, my distance may be another. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have a lovely New Year EB. Me, I’m supping a hot spiced wine, both in temperature and ginger… It ain’t bad, but what I wouldn’t give for a nice single malt over these holidays…