Failte Na Miosg waltz

Also known as Failte D’on Mhisg, Hail To Drink, My Heart’s In The Highlands.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Failte Na Miosg
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
G2 |c2 c3/2e/ d3/2c/ |A2 A2 c2 |G3 c A3/2G/ |E3 D C2 |
D2 E2 c2 |{A}G3 F ED |C2 c2 c3/2d/ |c4 c3/2d/ |
e3/2d/ ef ed |c3 B A2 |G3 c AG |{F}E3 D E/D/C |
D2 E2 c2 |G3/2A/ E3/2G/ D3/2E/ |C2 c2 c3/2d/ |c4 G2 ||
cd e2 ef/g/ |e3 d e/d/c |A2 G2 A2 |a3 g e2 |
ga gf ed |ef ed cB |A2 d2 d3/2e//f// |d3 c A2 |
cB cd ef |{ef}g3 a g2 |ag fe dc |c3 e dc |
A3 G Ac |G3/2A/ E3/2G/ D3/2E/ |C2 c2 c3/2d/ |c4 ||

Three comments

Like Crochallan ( this tune gives melody to "My Heart’s in the Highlands". It is not only older, but also more complex/sophisticated. And I have highest respect for anyone who could play this one without any flaws and mistakes at the first go.

Failte Do’n Mhisg

I used to play a four-part version of this tune with a band in the 1990s. It can be found in the second volume of The Gesto Collection of Highland Music (1895), where the translation is given as "Hail to Drink". It would be useful to know where your version comes from, aenea15.

X: 1
T: Failte D’on Mhisg
S: Gesto Collection
Z: Nigel Gatherer
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A2 | d3 fed | B4 d2 | A3 dBA | F3 E D2 | E2 F2 d2 | A3 GFE | D2 d2 d>e | d4
d>e | f>efgfe | d3 c B2 | A3 dBA | F3 E F/E/D | E2 F2 d2 | A>BF>AE>F | D2 d2 de | d4 :|
A2 | de f2 f/g/a | f3 e f/e/d | B2 A2 B2 | b3 a f2 | abagfe | fgfedc | B2 e2 e/f/g | e3 d B2 |
dcdefg | a3 b a2 | bagfed | d3 fed | B3 ABd | A2 gfed | B2 ABdF | E4 D2 :|
d2 DDDD | d2 DDDD | G3 dBA | F3 E F/E/D | E2 F2 d2 | A3 GFE | D2 d2 de | d4
fe | d2 DDDD | d2 DEFD | GFGdBA | F3 E D | E2 F2 d2 | (3ABA (3FAF (3EFE | D2 d2 de | d4 :|
A2 | de ffga | f3 e d2 | B2 b2 a2 | b3 a f2 | a2 (3baf (3afe | f2 gfed | B2 e2 e/f/g | e3 d B |
d3 efg | a3 b a2 | (3bag (3agf (3gfe | d3 fed | B4 z2 | A2 gfed | B2 ABdF | E4 D2 :|

Failte Na Miosg

Having just looked up my copy of The Scots Musical Museum (1787-1803) I can see that that is the source of your version.