Nyan Cat reel

Also known as The Cat’s Nyan, Jimmy Neehan’s Cat, Nyah Cat, Nyhan’s Cat.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Nyan Cat
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(B,CD2) G2(B,C| DEGB AFG2) |(B,CD2) G2B,C|DEGA Bc^cd |
|:d2e2 BB2A |(_BAG2) G2A2 |_B2BA GA=Bd |eBdA BGAG |
B2d2 eBdA | BGA_B AG(GA|_B2)GA =BdAB |1 AGA2 G2A2:|2 AGA2 G2 G2||
|:G2(DE G2)(DE| GABA cBcd) | G2G2 DEGD |cBAG CB,CD |
G2(DE G2)(DE| GGAB GDED) | G2GF GDEG |1 cBcd B2A2 :|2 cBcd G2G2 ||

Seven comments

Jack sir I salute you.

This tune’s natural key signature is B major.

Flute players if you want a challenge, ditch boring G major and go for new and fresh B major! :-D

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The tune in the video always reminded me a bit of Spoot O’ Skerry.

I was busking and i played this.
after finishing the tune i was approached by an old lady who told me that its lovely to hear people playing the old tunes.

I think i may have been trolled.

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Also, it is customary to play the first part only once, then repeat the second two parts the usual number times for your session.

a fantastic Clare tune.

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