The Maid Of Ballingarry waltz

Also known as The Maid Of Ballingary.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Maid Of Ballingarry
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
({f}g-)|g{fg}f/ {g}e2AB/d/-|d2AB/c/ {A}B3/2{AB}A/|
{F}G{B}G/F/ E3F|G3/2{A}G/ {F}G2A B/4c/4d/-|
d3{Bd}c (A2|B4-)B({f}g-)|g{fg}f/ {g}e2AB/d/-|
d2AB/c/ {A}B3/2{AB}A/|{F}G{B}G/F/ E3F|
G3/2A/ B/d3/2- d3/2e/|.c/A3/2 .B/G3/2 A2-|
A3/2{B}A/ G {A}G3-|G4{A}G3/2A/|
B3/2.B/ g2({af}e)f/4g3/4|a3{fg}f/g/ f/e/d-|
d4({A}B3/2).d/|{d}e3/2f/4 g3/4 ({fg}f3/2) {g}f/e/ d|
{d}e3f g2-|g4z({f}g-)|g{fg}f/ {g}e2AB/d/-|
d2AB/c/ {A}B3/2{AB}A/|{F}G{B}G/F/ E3F|
G3/2A/ B/d3/2- d3/2.e/|.c/A3/2 .B/G3/2 A2-|
A3/2{B}A/ G {A}G3-|G4-G||

Four comments

Slowly does it…

Definitely not a waltz . A slow air - setting it in 3/4 made the note duration easier, but really there shouldn’t be any bars - or broken bar lines.
This is taken from the playing of Liam O’Flynn on “The Fire Aflame”. Obviously not anywhere near to capturing his skill.
It may help give an idea of where the notes are!
The tune is essentially a slow version of “An Staicín Eornan” (The Little Stack, [or Stook] of Barley) and the two versions are often played together, including the recording this is taken from. The title police may have a hard time convincing me this version should be placed in the comments section of the faster version!
There is quite a different version online, played by Gay McKeon:

There are also words sung to this tune.

This was written in Noteworthy (and left the way it was converted by abc2nwc), and the metronome setting was crotchet = 64. Played on AbcNavigator, I found a speed of 5 to be about right. Not that playing it in midi is going to teach the tune! I will give a link to a recording of the abc played through pipe sample software later, however.

Forgot to mention that the version by Gay McKeon is played on a C set of pipes - rendering the tune in F.

Sounds quite good actually, you’ll be posting more of these I hope.