One recording of
I’ll Buy Boots For Maggie
The Ballydesmond

I’ll Buy Boots For Maggie (polka) is also known as Boots For Maggie, Buy New Boots For Maggie, Corcomroe Abbey, New Boots For Maggie.

The Ballydesmond (polka) is also known as Ballydesmond #2, Ballydesmond #3, The Ballydesmond 2, Ballydesmond No. 2, Ballydesmond No. 3, The Ballydesmond Polkas, Blind Tom’s, Polca De Ballydesmond, Tom Billy’s.

The First Harvest by Iain MacDonald/Iain MacFarlane

  1. I’ll Buy Boots For Maggie
  2. The Ballydesmond
  3. The Finnish
  4. Art O’Keefe’s