Independence Trail slide

By Alasdair Fraser

Also known as The Independence Trail March, The Independence Trail.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Independence Trail
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
DEF|:G3 GAB c2d c2B|ABA G2A B2A G2F|
E3 ce2 d2B G2A|B3 BAG A2B c2d|
e3 fg2 f2e def|g3 f2d (e3e3)|
d3 dcB c3 cBc|d2B G2D Ec2 c2B|
g3 f2d (e3e3)|d3 eg2 B3A2G|EG2 G2F G3 G2E|
DG2 GAB A3 ABd|g3 f2d (e3e3)|d3 dcB c3 cBc|
d2B G2D Ec2 c2B|1 ABA AGF G3 GBd:|2 ABA AGF G3 DEF||

Four comments

Independence Trail

Learned this from Donegal fiddle player Dr. Liz Doherty while studying in Northern Ireland. She said it was a slow march and indeed sounds plaintive and mournful at such a speed. There is a grand youtube video of Alistair Fraser playing it with a cello player and a few Galician friends.

Written by Alasdair, and is connected to another of his compositions:

Independence Trail / Galen’s Arrival
Galen’s Arrival refers to the birth of my son, who arrived hours after his mother and I took a long walk on Independence Trail, along the beautiful South Yuba River in California.

Thanks Weejie

Cheers for the extra info on the tune/tunes.