Jessie Smith hornpipe

Also known as Arthur Seat.

There are 8 recordings of this tune.

Jessie Smith has been added to 14 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Jessie Smith
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3def|gdBG FGDC|B,DGd Bd g2|(3ded cd Bd Ad|GdFd EdDd|
gdBG FGDC|B,DGd Bd g2|(3ded fd cAEF|G2 B2 G2:|
(3def|gdBG ecAF|GBdB gdBd|B,DGB CEAc|(3ABA B^c d2
(3def|gdBG ecAF|GBdB gdBd|B,DGc BAGF|G2 B2 G2:|

Four comments

Jessie Smith Hornpipe

This was transcribed from a 78rpm record in my collection from Scots melodeon player Peter Leatham. The A part of the tune is extremely similar to the hornpipe “Fly By Night”:
but the B part is quite different, which is why I thought it merited a separate entry.

Also a strathspey of the same name

Nigel, you’ll probably be aware that there is a strathspey of the same name.

There’s a “sort of” version here

although it’s not quite as I know it.

I’m just mentioning this as the list of recordings which “magically appear” on the front page will probably refer to the strathspey rather than the hornpipe.

Jessie Smith Hornpipe

I know, John, but what can you do? I can’t distinguish by calling it “Jessie Smith Hornpipe” because the “Hornpipe” is automatically docked. Now, though, anyone looking for the strathspey and ending up here will see your link and spend the rest of the week happy. 🙂

“Arthur Seat” by James Galway and the Chieftains

I prefer to associate nearer
Jessie Smith hornpipe = Arthur Seat
rather than
Fly by night = Arthur Seat
This is my transcription of “Arthur Seat” from “Over the sea to skye” by James Galway & the Chieftains, track 2, tune 3

T:Arthur Seat
bfdc (AB)FE|D2 FB dfbf|=ef_ef|BfAf Gf F2|
!bfdc (AB)FE|D2 FB dfbf|=efgf _ecAc|Bbfd B2 z2:|
!|:_agad edec|f=ef^c dcdB|eded cdcB|Acf=e f^fga|
!bfdc (AB)FE|D2 FB dfbf|=efgf _ecAc|Bbfd B2 z2:|