One recording of
The Crosses Of Annagh
The Sporting Days Of Easter

The Crosses Of Annagh (reel) is also known as Coen’s Memories, The Cottage In The Glen, The Cottage In The Grove, Felix Doran’s, Napoleon Crosses The Rockies, The Old Schoolmaster’s Door, Paddy Canny’s, Raymond Roland’s, Tommy Coen’s, Tommy Coen’s Memories.

The Sporting Days Of Easter (reel) is also known as Arty McGlynn’s, Frank Neylon’s, Michael Russell’s, Micho Russell’s, Micko Russell’s, Ned McCormack’s, Northwest Clare Reel No. 2, Paddy In The Smoke.

Wired by Michael McGoldrick

  1. The Sporting Days Of Easter
  2. The Crosses Of Annagh
  3. Sporting Nell