One recording of
The Crosses Of Annagh
Captain O’Kane

The Crosses Of Annagh (reel) is also known as Coen’s Memories, The Cottage In The Glen, The Cottage In The Grove, Felix Doran’s, Napoleon Crosses The Rockies, The Old Schoolmaster’s Door, Paddy Canny’s, Raymond Roland’s, Tommy Coen’s, Tommy Coen’s Memories.

Captain O’Kane (waltz) is also known as The Banks Of The Danube, Cailin Tighe Moir, Captain Henry O’Kain, Captain O’Cahan, Captain O’Cain, Captain O’Kain, Captain O’Kaine, Captain O’Kane’s, Captain Oakhain, Ceannaire Ó Caṫáin, The Chevalier’s Lament, Chief Keane, Chief Of The Keane, The Dying Hussar, The Dying Hussar’s Lament, Fwyn Seren Fain Syw, Giolla An Bimhoir, The Keane, Lament For A Dying Hussar, Lament For A Wounded Hussar, Lament For Captain Henry O’Kane, The Small Birds Rejoice, Taoıseaċ Ó Catháın, The Wounded Hussar, The Wounded Hussar’s Lament, The Wounded Huzzar.

Merrijig Creek by Fintan Vallely

  1. The Wounded Huzzar
  2. Captain O’Kane
  3. The Crosses Of Annagh