Christie MacLeod jig

Also known as Christie McLeod, Christie McLeod’s, Cristie MacLeod.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Christie MacLeod
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:f2 e|d2 A BGB|Adf a2 f|gBB e2 d|cAA Ag/f/e|
d2 A BGB|Adf a2 f|ged cAc|1 d3:|2 d3-||
|:dfe|dAA fAA|afe def|gBB e2 d|cAA Afe|
[1 dAA fAA|afe def|ged cAc|d3-:|
[2 d2 A BGB|Adf a2 f|ged cAc|d3||

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“Snowy Monday” / “Alistair J. Sim” / gan ainm (for the moment)?

Alistair Anderson & Kathryn Tickell - 3 jigs

“Snowy Monday” ~ C: Willy Taylor
Submitted on December 17th 2002 by Dr. Dow.

“Alistair J. Sim” ~ C: Willy Taylor
Submitted on March 20th 2007 by ceolachan.

This as an initial answer to the question posed here ~

Discussion: last jig of Kathyrn Tickell / Alistair Anderson set
# Posted on January 18th 2012 by cac

Hoping for a name one way or another, and this being one of the others… 😉

Christie McLeod

That’s what it be called, Squire. Sometimes “Christie McLeod’s”

A Jim Johnstone composition, apparently. Willy Taylor played it.

More commonly in full “Mac” spelling “Christie MacLeod”

It was part of the RSAMD accordion grade exams.

“Christie McLeod” ~ C: Jim Johnstone

Thanks Weejie. Do you have the exam take on it, or know another way with it. I’ve one I’ll add later. I was hoping for a title first, and in this case a composer as well.

I’m surprised it’s not here already, though I haven’t checked yet. Why? And why should I have had this one? Well, a couple of years back Nigel Gatherer and I had a ‘Jim Johnstone’ appreciation week where we were taking turns adding his compositions here, and urging others to do likewise. Now to check to see if it is here already… 😏

Duh! And I’d forgotten to drop a line to Nigel. Again, thanks Weejie…

I already have just about everything Willy ever recorded. He’s a long time favourite, as are “The Shepherds” collectively… Sigh! I did say my brain was not in the best state of late… 🙁 😀

I was just curious what the ‘official’ transcription would be like, but I’ll be happy getting closer to Willy’s fiddling of it. Funny, I was checking what I had here, including for Willy and The Shepherds, but I didn’t think to check the recording I’ve got this on. No wonder it was familiar and I liked it so…

I’ve just been looking for those Jim Johnstone compositions Nigel and I were to have added and I’m not finding them. We were doing ‘composer weeks’, and it’s just possible that was the next plan and we never got to it, possibly because of a summer break? I was sure we’d done it already. I’ve recordings of Jim, and a book of his collected compositions somewhere here… There’d be an ‘official’ transcription. I’ll have to look it up, but not before adding my own way with this…

I’m having a good laugh at myself, bleary eyed and semi-conscious…

2008 - Winter

That’s when I believe Nigel and I were talking about a week of Jim Johnstone tunes, or 2009. It makes sense as August 2008 was when he died…

X: 1
T: Christie MacLeod
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
R: jig
K: Dmaj
fe|d2A BGB|Adf a3|g2B e2d|cAA Afe|
d2A BGB|Adf a3|ged cAc|d3 d:|
|:fe|d2A f2A|afe def|g2B e2d|cAA Afe|
dAA fAA|afe def|ged cAc|d3 d:|

“Christie McLeod” ~ C: Jim Johnstone - my take on it and more options

X: 2
T: Christie MacLeod
C: Jim Johnstone
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
R: jig
K: Dmaj
|: g/f/e |\
d2 A B^AB | Adf a2 f | gBB e2 d | cAA A2 f/e/ |
d2 A B^AB | Adf a2 f | ged cBc | d3- d :|
|: e/f/g |\
aAA fAA | eAA def | g2 B e2 d |
[1 cAA A2 f/g/ | aAA fAA | eAA d2 f | ged cBc | d3- d :|
[2 c2 A Ag/f/e | dAA B^AB | Adf a2 f | g2 e cBc | d3- d |]

POOF! And suddenly there’s the Doc. Glad to see you’re up and functioning, or at least in better shape than I am, or I hope so. Thanks for the contribution… We were cross posting…

Mark, tell us more about your transcription…

It’s just the composer’s setting. I think it has important bits in it that make the tune what it is - the G in bars 1 & 5 and the A in the 2nd to last bar of each part.

“Christie McLeod” ~ C: Jim Johnstone -

Thanks Mark, that’s what I was after… Raised, here’s the different ways with those bars, first the A-part, bars 1 & 5:

d2 A BGB / d2 A BAB / d2 A B^AB

& the penultimate bars, measure 7 of both parts:

ged cAc / ged cBc

It’s not unusual for variations to take hold on a weaker note, the first being the primary, meaning the d & B in bars 1 & 5 of the A-part, and the g and c of the next to the last measures. Here, in both cases, it’s the middle note of the ‘last’ half (beat) in both cases. The possibilities for variation are greater than those given. For a few examples, first starting with the transcription you’ve given Mark, just varying that last beat ~

d2 A BGB — B3 / B2 B / BB/B/B / BGD / BDG / BDB / BG/A/B ~ etc.

ged cAc — c3 / c2 c / cc/c/c / cBA / cde / cgc / cAF / cA/B/c ~ etc.

Note the last examples given, which pick up versions given above ~ BG/A/B & cA/B/c

Thanks on another count Mark, I was giving it my way in the original transcription and gave the YouTube another listen and realize I wasn’t listening carefully enough, and I’ve since changed it…

“Christie McLeod” ~ C: Jim Johnstone - - -

Caught up in the search for a name after reading the ‘discussion’ that lead to this, I quickly noted down ABCs, and went looking and listening. I then added those to here without checking them over and giving the YouTube a closer listen. Below is that first quick transcription, more along the lines of how I’ve played it. I’ve now made that closer listen, at least with regards to the bars Mark drew my attention to, and have corrected them. But for comparison, what follows is that first quick transcription ~ 😏 😀

X: 4
T: Christie MacLeod
C: Jim Johnstone
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
R: jig
K: Dmaj
|: f2 e | d2 A BAB | Adf a2 f | gBB e2 d | cAA Ag/f/e |
d2 A BAB | Adf a2 f | ged cBc |[1 d3 :|[2 d3- dfe ||
|: dAA fAA | afe def | gBB e2 d | cAA Afe |
[1 dAA fAA | afe def | ged cBc | d3- dfe :|
[2 d2 A BAB | Adf a2 f | ged cBc | d3 |]

The differences ~ the A-part, bars 1 & 5 ~ | d2 A BAB | & the penultimate bars ~ | ged cBc |

Thanks again Mark for your contribution and making me go back and give their playing a proper listen…

At least one more transcription is to follow, and hopefully this time I’ll take more time and get it right… 😉

“Christie McLeod” ~ also without the 2nd ending

X: 5
T: Christie MacLeod
C: Jim Johnstone
S: Willy Taylor, Joe Hutton, Will Atkinson
S: CD: “Ranting And Reeling: Dance Music Of The North Of England”, track 7, tune 3 of 3
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
R: jig
K: Dmaj
|: fe |\
d2 A B>GB | Adf a3 | g2 B e2 d | cAA Afe |
d2 A B>GB | A>df a2 f | ged c>Ac | d3 d :|
|: fe |\
d2 A f2 A | afe def | g2 B e2 d | cAA Afe |
dAA fAA | afe def | ged c<Ac | d3 d :|

While Willy Taylor, fiddle, can tend to play this with that bounce and snap, as with B>GB & c<Ac, while Joe Hutton, small pipes, tends to play it mostly straight… More possibilities and choices…

Set: “Christie MacLeod” / “The Gallowglass Rant” / “Charlie Hunter”

Correction 😛
S: CD: “Ranting And Reeling: Dance Music Of The North Of England”, track 7, tune 1 of 3

1. ) “Christie MacLeod”

2. ) “The Gallowglass Rant”

3.) “Charlie Hunter”