The Ballyfin polka

Also known as The Ballyfin Polka #2, The Ballyfin Polka No. 2, Ballyfin Polkas, The Ballyfin Polkas #2, The Ballyfin Polkas No. 2.

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The Ballyfin has been added to 2 tune sets.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Ballyfin
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
|:A2 A>^G|Ad dB|c>B cG|EF G/F/G|
A2 A>^G|Ad dB|c>B cE|ED D2:|
|:ed c/^c/d|e^c d2|ed c/^c/d|
[1 ea a>g|ed c/^c/d|e^c d2|AB c/^c/d|e^c d2:|
[2 ea a>^g|af g/f/e|fd e/d/^c|AB c/^c/d|e^c d2||

Two comments

"The Balyfin Polka No. 2"

This is the second polka of the set called "Ballyfin Polkas", track 14 of:

"The Chieftains: Water from the Well"

Should it have been in the ‘comments’? ~ It’s already here twice in one form or t’other 😏

"The Ballydesmond Polka"
Submitted on September 29th 2001 by Bloomfield.

"The Ballydesmond Polka"
Submitted on October 11th 2004 by Jane Scott.

Hmmmmmm? 😎