Four recordings of a tune named
Peter Street
With a tune named
The Mason’s Apron

Peter Street (reel) is also known as Babe In The Wood, Babes In The Wood, The Blanchland Races, Nano’s Favorites, Peter St, Peter St., Peter’s Street, Timor The Tartar, Timour The Tartar, Timur The Tartar.

The Mason’s Apron (reel) is also known as Braes Of Glenorchy, Isla, Lady Carbury, Lowrie Tarrell, Mason Laddie, Masons Apron, The Masson Laddie, Parson’s Moan, The Wooden Spoon And The Apron.

Both Ears And The Tail by Martin Carthy And Dave Swarbrick

  1. The Barmaid
  2. Peter Street
  3. The Mason’s Apron

Consider The Source by Brian Conway

  1. Bonnie Kate
  2. Jenny’s Chicken’s
  3. The Mason’s Apron
  4. Peter Street

Irish Button Accordion by Billy Moran

  1. Peter St
  2. The Mason’s Apron

My Lagan Love by Anne-Marie O'Farrell

  1. Peter Street
  2. The Mason’s Apron