The Pleasures Of Salisbury jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Pleasures Of Salisbury
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
FGA Bcd|efg fdA|BAB Acd|AGF E2D|
FGA Bcd|efg fdA|BAB Agf|1 edc d2A:|2 edc dcd||
|:ecA ecA|fdA fdA|Bcd AGF|GEE E2E|
FED GFE|AGF BAG|Bgf edc|1 d3 dcd:|2 d3 z2d||

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The Pleasures of Salisbury

This tune is mentioned on this site as being in William Winter’s Quantocks tune book. The title seems a bit ironic to me, because I live not far from Salisbury, and it’s never struck me as a particularly pleasurable place. Unless you are especially fond of cathedrals. I normally just pass through on my way to the Pleasures of Devon or Cornwall.

Maybe the pleasure eventually went out of it.

There’s a Salisbury here in Maryland (US), which is home to Purdue chicken (tasty), a university (bit of a party school), and is pretty close to a popular beach resort. Sounds a bit more pleasurable than the original town you describe Nick. I know this obviously has nothing to do with the original source of the tune unless William Winter was some sort of transcontinental future-predicting visionary. If nothing else, I guess the tune would be less ironic around my neck of the woods.

Maybe there was one particular source for the author’s ‘pleasures’… 😉

"Maybe there was one particular source for the author’s ‘pleasures’… "

- Probably a reference to his visits to "Old Sarum" 😉

Alternative verison - I find that the pleasures are greater when the last line is played like this…

FEF GFG | AGA BAB | Bgf edc |1 d3 dcd :|2 d3 z2d ||

Re: The Pleasures Of Salisbury

hey ever been to the red light district of Salisbury (Wiltshire) — Rai D’or area —— you must get out and about more Nick — you ain’t looking in the right parts of Salisbury —- it is very very very pleasurable!! — this particular area has been giving pleasure since the middle ages.

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Re: The Pleasures Of Salisbury

No, I haven’t, nsfs. I shall venture to this area forthwith. Don’t tell my wife, though. ;)

Re: The Pleasures Of Salisbury

no won’t tell your wife — probably see you hanging round there at some stage then — enjoy the real pleasures of Salisbury (my wife knows I get nookey there but she don’t mind)

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