Storm reel

By Frank McLaughlin

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One setting

X: 1
T: Storm
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
fB B/B/B efdc|deAe fBge|fB B/B/B efdc|cA A/A/A eAce:|
|:ad d/d/d faaf|gafg eaaf|ad d/d/d faaf|1 gafg eaaf:|2 gafg e z z2||
|:c3 (c c)Bcd|eA A/A/A edef|g2 ga g2 ga|gfeg fedB|
Bc c/c/c cBcd|eA A/A/A edef|g2 ga gfeg|fedB e2 z2:|
|:efge a2 ef|geeg fedB|1 efge aeed-|dBfe deBd:|2 efge aeeg|fedB A2 z2||

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Can’t figure out how to add this to the ABC, but the composer is Frank McLaughlin

You can’t add it to the ABC unless you place it in brackets after the title but then it’s stuck in the title, messy. You’ve added it here in the comments which is the place to put that kind of information 🙂

Unusual number of bars

I hadnt heard this tune before and I like it, but it does have a very unusual make up: 4 bars repeated, 4 bars repeated, 8 bars repeated, 4 bars repeated. I wonder if in fact the 8 bar section is actually meant to be repeated??

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I wouldn’t. It comes across as a 4-part single reel, and the 3rd part has the same similarity between bars as with the other parts and as with a single reel, in other words bars 1 & 5, 2 & 6, 3 & 7, and then a slight difference, not unusual, for 4 & 8, first and second ending ~

c3 (c c)Bcd | eA A/A/A edef | g2 ga g2 ga | gfeg fedB |
Bc c/c/c cBcd | eA A/A/A edef | g2 ga gfeg | fedB e2 z2 ||

~ or ~

|: Bc c/c/c cBcd | eA A/A/A edef | g2 ga gfeg |[1 gfeg fedB :|[2 fedB e2 z2 ||

"The Storm" a reel composed by Frank McLaughlin

C: Frank McLaughlin

Thanks for the link bhambagpiper ~ the A-part is double what’s given here, or ~ using the notation given here ~

|: fB B/B/B efdc | deAe fBge | fB B/B/B efdc | cA A/A/A eAce |
fB B/B/B efdc | deAe fBge | fB B/B/B efdc | cA A/A/A eAce :|