The Ceilidh House jig

Also known as Bubba Martin’s Ceili House, Bubba Martin’s Ceilidh House, The Ceili Hoose, The Martin’s Ceili House, The Martin’s Ceilidh House.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Ceilidh House
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
dAF|D2 A A>FE|D>FA A>FE|D2 A AF/G/A|d3 def|
g2 e f2 d|d>cB A2 A|BGB dcB|A3 AFE|
D2 A A>FE|DFA A>FE|DAA AFA|d3 dd/e/f|
gee fdd|dcB A2 d|B2 d c>de|d3||
dAd|f2 d A2 d|g2 e c2 e|ded dcB|A3 A2 =c|
B2 G d2 B|A2 d F2 d|cde efg|a3 bag|
f2 d AB/c/d|g2 e cde|d2 d dcB|A3 FGA|
B2 G DGB|A2 F d2 A|cc/B/A G[AF][cE]|[d3D3]||
X: 2
T: The Ceilidh House
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:AFE|D2 A AFE|DFA AFE|D2 A AFA|d3 def|
g2 e f2 d|dcB A2 A|1 BGB dcB|A3:|2 B2 d cde|d3||
|:dAd|f2 d A2 d|g2 e c2 e|ded dcB|A3 A2 =c|
[1 B2 G d2 B|A2 d F2 d|cde efg|a3:|
[2 B2 G DGB|A2 F d2 A|cBA GAc|d3||

Eight comments

"The Ceilidh House" / "The Ceili House"

There’s more than one "Ceili House"… πŸ˜‰ Of the many it has been our pleasure to experience, one of the best ever was the Martin’s house, Bill and Nancy’s, with that full grand taking up most of their living room. The welcome was always warm and we had some crazy times there, including with the veggies out back and an amazing corn chowder. It was always much more than just music and the craic was mighty. We lost Nancy a few years back, cancer, and Bill is currently putting up a valiant struggle with another demon of that pantheon of devils, multiple myeloma. And he still manages to welcome folks and make music, and chase up good reads and good music and watch films he’d always wanted to…

So I can’t really rename this tune, as it is about this couple and their house, with love and respect, and as good a ceilidh/ceili/visiting house as any we’ve ever had the pleasure of being welcomed into…

I needed a short break as I try to do justice to a few more Jim Johnstone melodies… πŸ˜‰ It doesn’t surprise me that this shows some of the influence of his music…

full grand ‘piano’ πŸ˜€

The other is "The Ceili House Reel", but I’ll not put ‘Ceili’ in the alternate titles to prevent this linking to the reel. I’ll try to add that reel later, of no one else does…

‘of’ should read ‘if’… I think I have a recording of the reel and will chase that up for transcription, after Jim Johnstone week…

"The Ceilidh House" / "The Ceili House" reduction 😎

X: 2
T: Ceilidh House, The
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
R: jig
K: Dmaj
|: AFE |\
D2 A AFE | DFA AFE | D2 A AFA | d3 def |
g2 e f2 d | dcB A2 A |[1 BGB dcB | A3 :|[2 B2 d cde | d3 ||
|: dAd |\
f2 d A2 d | g2 e c2 e | ded dcB | A3 A2 =c |
[1 B2 G d2 B | A2 d F2 d | cde efg | a3 :|
[2 B2 G DGB | A2 F d2 A | cBA GAc | d3 |]

"The Ceilidh / Ceili House Jig" - more about the inspiration

Recording: "Ceilidh House Sessions"

Somehow I’d found out somewhere here that Llig was on this recording and decided, after hearing some examples of his playing courtesy of Kenny, that I’d have to chase this CD up as well. So, I was in the process of that when the title had me thinking of ‘Ceili/Ceilidh Houses’, and this tune here came on me, and so the title. I’m still waiting for the CD… Now if only I could get a CD full of Kenny’s playing too… If I was nearer I’d be taking in his classes, under an alias of course, and maybe learn a tune or more from Llig Leahcim too - Klezmer? 😎