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One setting

X: 1
T: Going For Water
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:aba f2d aba f2d|e2A cBA e2A cBA|
aba f2d aba f2d|e2A cBA f2e d3:|
|:F2G A2d F2G A2d|e2A cBA e2A cBA|
F2G A2d F2G A2d|e2A cBA f2e d3:|
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Original submission

After a weekend in sessions with other musicians I arrived home to do some CD reviews. On the first track of Niamh Ni Charra’s album Sugach Samh / Happy Out, I was thinking to myself as the second tune started “that’s Scattery Island”, but the sleeve notes said Coing For Water. On closer listening, they are different, though the A musics are reminiscent of each other.

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You sure about those “abcs”, “flos”? If they’re accurate, then that has to be one of the worst tunes I’ve ever heard, although I admit I haven’t heard Niamh ni Charra’s playing of it.

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Sunds more like this to me:

X: 1
T: Going For Water
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
R: slide
K: Dmaj
|:aba f2d aba f2d|e2A cBA e2d cBA|
aba f2d aba f2d|e2A cBA f2e d3:|]
|:F2A d2f F2A d2f|e2A cBA e2d cBA|
F2A d2f F2A d2f|e2A cBA f2e d3:|]

Sunds = Sounds

Thanks, “Weejie”

Never thought to try “Youtube” - it’s a version of “Scattery Island”, but with the parts reversed. I’d call it a duplicate.

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“Going to the Well” to find it’s been poisoned

Nice link and a decent transcription Weejie, which does justice to Niamh’s take on this melody. Flos’s original submission is, as Kenny notes, lacking, missing her playing in some uncomfortable ways. To my sense of it, this tune has enough character of its own, despite the obvious family resemblance, that a separate place here on the database isn’t unreasonable, adding links between the relatives… But it needs correction as it stands, or deletion…

Well, you could say the version shows a certain amount of ‘scatteriness’.

That’s what I thought of that set. 😛 But her concertina playing is nice…

“But her concertina playing is nice”

Yup. I’ve added the last tune in the set to the database.

If nobody else posts “Oakum’s”, I might as well add it as well.

Oakum’s is already here - under “Oakum”.

Weejie, Weejie, wake up, it’s late and you forgot to change windows… 😉

That was posted “early”, Ceol.

I hear a long sigh…

Thanks for cleaning this one up Jeremy, appreciated…

I did see a transcription for “Oakum” show up as a repeat, not sure who had submitted it, and then shortly afterwards, as I went to see that duplication, it had already gone “POOF!”… Whoever submitted it I hope they added their transcription to the ‘comments’ for the earlier submission. I’d initially mistook your comment as having been meant for that duplication… 😏

“Going for Water” ~ a few minor options

X: 2
T: Going For Water
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
R: slide
K: Dmaj
|: f |\
aba f2 d a2 a f2 d | e2 A cBA efd cBA |
aba f2 d aa/a/a f2 d | e2 A cc/B/A f2 e d2 :|
|: G |\
F2 A d2 f FGA d2 f | e2 A cBA ef/e/d c2 A |
F2 A d2 f FAA dd/e/f | e2 A c2 A f2 e d2 :|

😏 ~ sadly not ‘cleaned up’

“Thanks for cleaning this one up Jeremy, appreciated…” ~ but, I was completely wrong, assuming our webmaster had before the dots were made. I was wrong. It’s the same awful ‘wrong’ transcription… 😛 If it’s not going to be corrected it needs to go and let someone else submit it correctly, Weejie having my vote on this one…

For music’s sake ~ Halleljah! 🙂

Thanks Jeremy…


Hi, folks! Been away from my machines for a couple of days. Transcription amended. I originally submitted it a 6/8 jig, too. No Idea how these things can get altered.
It’s cognate with Scattery Island, but not the same.
I’ll try and keep a closer eye on things here in future.
Thanks for all the help, everyone!

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A gentleman! ~

Well done Flos and well taken… I miss ‘Shreds and Patches’…

It’s a fun tune, now… 😀