Winston In The 50’s reel

Also known as Miss Erskine Of Torry, Winston In The 50s, Winston In The Fifties.

There is 1 recording of this tune.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Winston In The 50's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmix
bggg g2dg|bgdg affc'|bggg bgdg|c'afc' bggc'|
bggg bgdg|bgdg affa|bg(3ag^f gdba|gedc BGBc||

Four comments

Winston in the 50’s

It seems that “Winston in the ’50s” is Winston Fitzgerald’s reel setting of a Niel Gow strathspey, “Miss Erskine of Torry”.

I think it is most currently played in Fmix, but Gmix is better fix to play it with the flute.

Dermot Byrne

The tune that appears in Dermot Byrne’s solo album as Winston in the 50’s is posted here as ‘Reichswall Forest’.

The tune that appears on Dermot Byrne’s solo album, track 7, the second reel, ‘IS’ Dan R. MacDonald’s “Reichswall Forest”:

It ‘AIN’T’ what’s listed here, as said by kobias, Winston ‘Scotty’ Fitzgerald’s reel-ization of Niel Gow’s strathspey “Miss Erskine of Torry”, which some have chosen to name “Winston in the 50’s”…

The two are played together in a reel set by Jerry Holland, track 1 of his recording “Jerry Holland: Master Cape Breton Fiddler”…

Thanks to kuec, correcting the name on Dermot’s recording as submitted here, it won’t link to here anymore and now links directly to the correct reel instead, Dan R.’s “Reichswall Forest”. 😉