One recording of Marshmallows

Also known as The Aches Of Aloe, Althaea Officinalis, Banish Marshmallow, The Blakes Of Barrow, The Cakes Of Tallow, The Fakes Of Harlow, The Flake Of Sparrow, Get Your Own Marrow To Mash, He Spake In Gallo, The Hen’s Marshmallow, I Buried My Wife And Danced On Top Of Her Marshmallow, I Rastrelli Di Malo, In Lakes I’ll Wallow, The Lake Of Bala, The Lakes Of Marrow, The Licks Of Rollo, The Makes Of Harrow, Mall Has Worms, Mallow March, The March Of The Mallow, The Marsh Mallow, Marsh Mallows, The Marshmallow, Mash My Marrow, Mash Your Marrow, Mellow Cheese O’Mallow, Midsomer Marshmallows, Miss Marsh’s Who Doth Wallow In Her Sorrow, Paddy Fahy’s No. 81, The Racks Of Mellow, The Rates For Bellows, Reeds And Bellows, Reeds Are Hollow, The Reeks Of Mallow, The Ricks Of Morrow, The Rocks Of Milieu, The Rooks On Gallows, S’mores, The Shakes Of Farlowe, The Sheikhs Of Jarrow, Small’s Ham Row, The Stakes Of Skaro, The Titchmarsh Mallow, To Rake The Fallow, The Wakes Of Tarot, The Works Of Marlow, The Works Of Marlowe, The Wrecks In Shallows.

This tune has been recorded together with Forget Your Troubles.

  1. Volume 1 by Augusta Ceili Band