Thirty-one recordings of Donald Blue

Also known as Donal’ Blue, Johnny Henry’s Favourite, The Mouse’s Coat.

This tune has been recorded together with Jack Broke Da Prison Door (lots of times), Sleep Soond Ida Mornin’ (a few times), The Bonnie Isle O’ Whalsey (a few times), Ornette’s Trip To Belfast (a few times), Wha’ll Dance Wi’ Wattie ? (a few times), Lasses Trust In Providence (a few times), Up Against The Buachaláns (a few times), A Dhomhnuill! A Dhomhnuill!, The Blackbird, Bulgarian Red, Cameron’s Got His Wife Again, Eanach Mhic Coilin, The Gesto, The Green Mountain, The Hare’s Paw, I Have No Money, Jenny Dang The Weaver, Kerryman’s Fling, Kilty Town, Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel, The Merry Boys Of Greenland, The Merry Harriers, Miss Graham, O’Neill’s March, The Old Dudeen, The Old Pigeon On The Gate, Ormond Sound, Pauline’s Place, Planxty Davis, The Queen Of May, The Reconciliation, The Reel Of Rio, Rob Roy, Siobhan O’Donnell’s, Siobhan O’Donnell’s, The Star Of Munster, Swinging On The Gate, Wissahickon Drive.

  1. 1982 by Willie Hunter And Violet Tulloch
  2. Aly Bain and Mike Whellans by Aly Bain and Mike Whellans
  3. At First Light by Michael McGoldrick And John McSherry
  4. Best Of Celtic Traditional Music And Songs by Planxty O’Rourke
  5. by
  6. Celtic Passion by John Williams, Dean Magraw
  7. Ceremony by Thereafter
  8. Coppers And Brass by Dick Gaughan
  9. Debbie Scott by Debbie Scott
  10. Dúchas by Damien O’Reilly
  11. Fairly Cookin’ by Drop the floor
  12. Fishguard Folk - On a Sunday by Various Artists
  13. Gaughan by Dick Gaughan
  14. Grace and Pride - The Anthology 2004-1984 - Disc 1 by Capercaillie
  15. Harmony Hill by Dervish
  16. Kitty Lie Over by Mick O’Brien And Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh
  17. La Harpe Irlandaise - The Irish Harp by Katrien Delavier
  18. Like the Sun a-Glittering by The Jones Boys
  19. Little Woolly, Lullabyes by Kelly Hood
  20. Live In Palma by Dervish
  21. Over the Bog Road by Patsy Moloney & John Regan
  22. Shetland Fiddlers by Various Artists
  23. St Kilda Son by Cauldstane Slap
  24. The Houston Sessions by The Alans
  25. The Long Trip Home by Josh Dukes
  26. The Orkney Fiddler by Fiona Driver
  27. The Reel Note by Mick, Louise And Michelle Mulcahy
  28. The Silver Bow: The Fiddle Music Of Shetland by Aly Bain & Tom Anderson
  29. The Story So Far by John Creaven
  30. The Sunny Hills by Will Woodson and Eric McDonald
  31. Tree of Strings by The Duplets