Ireland’s Green Shore polka

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Ireland's Green Shore
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
|:B|B2 AB|d2 BA|F/E/D- D2-|D2- DC/D/|
EA- AB|G2 E<D|E2- E2-|E2- E:|
A|Be- ef|e2 d<B|dB- B2-|B2- BA|
Be- ed|BA- Ad|B2- B2-|B2- BA|
B2 ed|B2 AF|ED- D2-|D2- DC/D/|
EA- AB|G2 E<D|E2- E2-|E2- E||
X: 2
T: Ireland's Green Shore
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
B|B2 AB d2 BA|(F/E/)D- D2- D2 (CD)|EA- AB G2 (E/D/)B,|E4- E2 zB|
B2 AB d2 BA|(F/E/)D- D2- D2 (CD)|EA- AB G2 ED|E4- E2 z||
B|Be- ee e2 BA|dB- B2- Bz zA|Be- ed B2 Ad|B4- B2 zA|
Be- ed B2 AG|(F/E/)D- D2- D2 (CD)|EA- AB G2 ED|E4- E2 z||

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"Ireland’s Green Shore" ~

Tim O’Brien -lyrics: "Ireland’s Green Shore"

This is an old air, but finding an earlier name for it hasn’t yet happened. I also have known it in 3/4 time, and I may add that later, though I’d really prefer to have remembered or found a name for it other than gan ainm. Choosing to notate it in 2/4 was a curious choice, but the melody is there for someone I’d seen bobbing arround asking repeatedly "Is this ~ ?" & "I have to learn this!" Here’s hoping this helps some…

Discussion: Ireland’s green shore

# Posted on February 1st 2012 by Mad Martigan

This came after I’d transcribed this, just discovered…

I’ll add Weejie’s transcription as well…

Re: Ireland’s green shore

# Posted on February 1st 2012 by Weejie:

This is it, just about. I’ve tied notes rather than lengthen them, to give you an idea of the "groove". It could also be put in a 3/4 or slow 6/8, but it’s kind of stretched out by Tim. Obviously, this doesn’t capture the phrasing, as it runs more freely than abcs or dots. Just listen more.

X: 2
T: Ireland’s Green Shore
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: EDor
B |\
B2 AB d2 BA | (F/E/)D- D2- D2 (CD) | EA- AB G2 (E/D/)B, | E4- E2 zB |
B2 AB d2 BA | (F/E/)D- D2- D2 (CD) | EA- AB G2 ED | E4- E2 z ||
B |\
Be- ee e2 BA | dB- B2- Bz zA | Be- ed B2 Ad | B4- B2 zA |
Be- ed B2 AG | (F/E/)D- D2- D2 (CD) | EA- AB G2 ED | E4- E2 z |]

It kind of wants to be pentatonic, too, I reckon. The passing notes prevent it from being so.

# Posted on February 1st 2012 by Weejie

I’s like a modal minor version of "Pretty Maid Milking Her Cow" - which is a version of a version etc. O’Brien hits a bottom B where there’s a C at one point (slow down software picked it up), but I reckon he might have surprised himself in doing so

I’s = It’s - fingers are quite fat today….

The ‘duple’ nature of this feels right, but as there’s now 2/2 option on site, 2/4’ll do… 😎

Hey Weejie, cool, I did a quickie and you took slowed it down… I felt you’d done so much work I’ve added it to the ABcs with the change to 4/4. Mixed meter tunes are in here with multiple time signature changes, so hopefully it will transfer to dots OK… They might as well see both ways and hopefully that will help them to hear a bit better, but as you’ve said, he has fun with the air.

"Pretty Maid" ~ yes, and the pentatonic idea too, a very old tune. I wish I still had my massive Child Ballads collection. I’ve a sneaking suspicion it is amongst that lot…

I quite like what Tim O’Brien does with it…

One evening for pleasure I rambled
On the banks of some cold purling stream
I set down on a bed of primroses
And I gently fell into a dream.
I dreamt that I saw a fair female
Her equal I never saw before
And I sighed for the loss of our country
As we stray there on Ireland’s green shore

Her cheeks were like two bloomin’ roses
Her teeth were like ivory so white
Her eyes shone like two sparkling diamonds
Or the stars on some cold frosty night.
She was dressed in the richist attire
And green was the mantle that she wore
All bound down with the hemlocks and the roses
As we stray there on Ireland’s green shore

Transgression of joy I awoken
And found this was only a dream
That pretty fair female had fled me
And I longed to be slumbering again.
May the heavens above be her guardian
Though I know I’ll never see her anymore
May the goldliest sunbeam shine upon her
As she lies sleeping on Ireland’s green shore.

One evening for pleasure I rambled
On the banks of some cold purling stream
I set down on a bed of primroses
And I gently fell into a dream.

Saves going to the link.

Thanks Weejie, I was hoping someone would add the lyrics…

Again thanks a bunch lads!

Someone else can consider suggesting chords… πŸ˜‰

Sounds like the basic arrangement is

|: Em / | / / | D / | / / | A / | / / | Em / | / / :|
|| Em / | / / | G / | / / | / / | / / | Em / | / / ||
|| Em / | / / | D / | / / | A / | / / | Em / | / / ||

With the chord structure mostly the same after the time change. He’s avoiding the 3rd on the Em, making the whole thing fairly modal/pentatonic. Once the G chord is introduced and the theme develops, it is sometimes used as a passing chord going into the D chord.

They ‘break it up’ for the instrumental portion, even substituting Bm as a passing chord. Like alot of American traditional renditions, they also tend to walk a single note fill along the scale into the root of the next chord on the downbeat to add interest.

Landing on the downbeat, that is. I guess otherwise that’d be a rounder?

Thanks Kel, and hopefully that will help this ‘Mad’ one with bass lines and improv. Just don’t let Llig know we’re doing this… πŸ˜‰

"Emin" ~ "DMaj" ~ "AMaj" ~ "GMaj" - - -

Mad Martigan, if you want the chords with the ABCs for converting to dots with chords then you need to add your chords so ~ using what’s just been offered ~

"Emin" B2 AB | ~ etc…

Much appreciated guys πŸ™‚ There is so much about music il still learning, especially back-up fiddle! I here the fiddle doing stuff all the time behind other musicians and I have no idea what it is lol i cant tell if there just hitting certain notes of the melody or playing chords or what?! Like I said I have a long way to go!

WARNING!!! ~ It does need to come with one ~

Back-up, accompaniment, chordal, bass or percussion, is a sore point in this music, as so damned many people do a shight job of it. Too many choose it as an ‘easy in’, thinking that it is just that, ‘easy’, requiring less notes, effort and less understanding. It can, as far as doing something ‘easy’, so easily spoils the mood and the music, and irritate those you subject your experiments to. It helps to know the music first before you try to ‘accompany’ it in any way or form. ‘Harmony’ is so often done poorly, without understanding and consequently, in the minds of those whose music you might spoil, considered as discourteous and disrespectful. It’s also wise to know what is meant by ‘accompaniment’, it isn’t about being a cowboy herding cattle, cranking up the tempo and whipping it up. That’s part of what folks don’t like.

It’s a shame really. I love good accompaniment, bass, chord and percussion, when it is done with understanding and consideration for the music and for the other musicians involved. It wouldn’t go amiss to ask before you do, and to not do it too many times… Learn the tunes first and get a hand on them…

That’s my two bits worth of warning… Good luck!