Bridget’s reel

Also known as The Three Sisters Reels #2, The Three Sisters Reels No. 2, The Three Sisters Reels, The Three Sisters.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Bridget's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
|:E2 BE E2 BE|E2 BE ADFD|E2 BE E2 Bc|dcdA FADF:|
|:efec dAAF|B/c/d ec dAFA|B/c/d ec dA c/B/A|BAdB AdDF:|

Twelve comments

“The Three Sisters Reels #2” ~ “Bridget’s Reel”

Here’s another for us to ponder, and yes, both parts are very familiar. I’m looking forward to the connections and if it is already here ‘complete’ as given, I’ll move it all into the comments for the earlier transcription. But ‘relations’? ~ you bet!!!

The first part reminds me of the variations of ‘Drowsy Maggie’; you got me on the second part.

Yes! ~ “Drowsy Maggie” - reel - for the A-part of “Bridget’s Reel” 😉

Submitted on May 21st 2001 by Jeremy.

&, for comparison, a take on the first part of “Drowsie Maggie” from a transcription loosely based on O’Neill’s for it ~

|: E2 BE dEBE | E2 BE ADFD | E2 BE dEBE | B^ABc dA F/E/D :|

Actually, I think I found it- it’s not exact, but “Ronde de Loudeac”? Would be appropriate for a reel called “Bridget’s”?

😏 ~ that’s me being confused?

Matt Molloy’s variations on “Drowsy Maggie” from Heathery Breeze is what I had in mind with the A part.


I know I’m not ‘slainte’, but the B part does sound a little like “Ronde de Loudeac”, doesn’t it?

Which one, that’s a dance and there’s more than one melody used for it. That’s why I was confused, it is the name of the dance, which gets slapped on to the melodies… 😉

Yikes, that’s right- a ronde from Loudeac.

The one Lunasa plays in Bmin (ironically on The Merry Sisters of Fate), not the one played by Kornog.

😀 Love it. Now to check that recording… There are at least two other melodies for the dance on site here, one I’d added…

Wouldn’t you know, that’s one I haven’t got. I only have one recording of Lunasa’s and there are no current plans of increase there… 😏

But, I have quite a few tunes that fall under that heading… 😉